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Ishita Bhatia: Living The Best Life Possible, How It Feels To Be A Successful Pilot And Entrepreneur

Ishita Bhatia was born on 9th September, 1987. A very talented woman, full of ambition, stands tall today while she lives the best life possible. She was born in Patiala, Punjab and brought up in Chandigarh.

As a person, Ishita Bhatia is very strong spirited and sharp. To be exact, she has never known what demotivation feels like. It was always alive in her, the willingness to be a somebody and to make herself as well as her family proud by the things that she does. While she was growing up, she probably had a lot of strong character role models that has brought about development in her personality and has played a part in making her who she is today. The thing about pilots and people in this career is that they must be healthy, have a good eyesight, a good physique and also must be qualified enough academically.

Before all this, Ishita Bhatia is also a very talented and express Entrepreneur. She is well aware of the economics of not only our country but also of the other things, being a well educated women on Commerce and other business activities. Provided the opportunity, she would obviously take care of any enterprise without cutting ends since entrepreneurship is just as easy for her as it gets. Since entrepreneurship is just a factor of production along with land Labour and capital, it is more than just that to her because it is also her passion. Sometimes people don’t do things because they would only like to have profits, they like to do things just for the sake of it.

Ishita Bhatia is a celebrated pilot, and to be a commander has been one of the best things in her life. She believes that we should not compare ourselves with others or compete with them. Because, people have their own unique set of talents and two people cannot be equal. we grew according to our circumstances an opportunities and most of the time we do not have anybody to blame but ourselves. However, if it is to compete then we should compete with ourselves so that we can be better than we were yesterday. self enhancement is very important for a person to learn things in life.

One of her favourite stars is Oprah Winfrey and this shows a great lot of detail about Ishita Bhatia herself. She has a liking towards strong women like herself and her aims and goals are set to be very high. One of the things that she would like to be is fit and healthy. Only when she is fit and healthy she would be able to do great things for herself as well as the people around her. Apart from being an entrepreneur and a pilot, she has other interesting hobbies like travelling and yoga. Both of these are necessary for a peaceful state of mind and to keep body as well as mind healthy.

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