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Irfan Wani: Insights of an Young Kashmiri Writer

Irfan Wani is a college student and has passed his high school from St. Joseph’s school Baramulla, and is presently perusing BCA from govt degree college Baramulla. A sports lover wani loves playing cricket. Being a writer is his first love and wants to contribute more to literature.

After spending years being what others expected me to be, I finally became myself. Not many. I have reached the end of the road. Now I just entertain myself with the idea of one day, having the possibility of having a roof over my head again, food whenever I need, and fewer health “issues”.

All of those would only be “fixable” with what, unfortunately, is the most important thing in this stupid world. That would be enough money to be able to survive the odds. Other than that I just carry on withstanding the delightful way I can. Keeping up for hereafter. And dreaming of better days. Don’t let your objectives and determinations fall by the wayside.

Opportunities are that to achieve your dreams and live a life you love, those objectives and determinations are significant. Achievement is susceptible if you run for beneficial and prosperous goal setting and lifelong resolution accomplishment. See how important this approved direction is for you.

Existence is nothing but a pilgrimage with assignments, difficulties, pain, and personal moments. It will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life. The road will not always be plain throughout our journeys, we will confront numerous challenges. These challenges will constantly assess our motivation, stability, drawbacks, and confidence. Along our way, we may confront obstacles that will come between the roads and we are preordained to take.

To be on the true path, we must withstand these complications. Sometimes these obstacles are blessings in camouflage, only we don’t understand that at the time. The secret of life is best known to those who are not attached to anything deeply so much.

Therefore, they remain out of touch with the troubles and changing fortunes of their lives. They are the people who do not measure their lives in terms of materialistic properties, but by scaling their lives in terms of people they cannot live without.


Lastly, I will surmise that we should make existence worthwhile. It should be with the affection of our family and friends that life can be made wonderful. Life can be more wonderful and deliberate by expelling our responsibilities in our family, a job, community, and the nation at large.

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