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Interview with aspiring actor Nathaniel Gomez

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nathaniel Gomez, a 15-year-old aspiring American Actor from San Antonio, Texas.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

“Thank you for having me! Growing up I’ve always known that I wanted to have a career in the entertainment industry. Just like any other kid my first choice was to become a YouTuber. Since I was so young I didn’t put any effort or take it serious. As I started to grow up I took interest in Instagram. The platform isn’t very easy to grow on but I just kept grinding. I eventually found an influencer group called Stardom Wave. I became apart of the San Antonio influencers and was able to work with people from my area. After I one-hundred-percent knew that I would fully commit to the entertainment industry.. I wanted more. I started to watch the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things, that’s when I knew I wanted to become an actor. I started looking up ways that I would be able to be successful and I came across auditions for a talent conference. I decided to go and I made it. The company running the conference would later have acting classes in Austin, TX to help improve our craft before the big day. I went to the classes but after I decided to not attend the conference in Los Angeles, California.”


Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you started this career?

“The most interesting and exciting thing that has happened to me so far would be the first time I’ve ever gotten an email back for a Netflix audition. It was very disappointing because I couldn’t attend the audition due to the fact that it was in Boston, Massachusetts.”

What do you think makes you stand out? Can you share a story?

“In my opinion, I don’t stand out from the rest in this industry. I haven’t done anything major and I pretty much have the same mentality as every one else.”

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

“Think of why you’re doing this. There has to be a reason, use that influence as a reason to keep on pushing. Another tip would be if you are having a hard time and it feels like everything is going down, you need to be aware that this is just the preparation for the next wave up. Bad luck ends and things can change drastically in a matter of days. Keep chasing what you love to do. It will all be worth it in the end.”

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

“I was always a lone wolf standing for my own ideas and thoughts against the crowd. However, I wouldn’t have achieved anything I experienced today if my mother wouldn’t have believed in me. She was always very supportive and never discouraged me from following my dreams. I am forever thankful for being this lucky to have a loving mother. Without her, I would have surely lost faith in myself since no one believed in me. I also wouldn’t have achieved anything without one of my closets friends who I even consider my brother. He is one of the main reasons I drifted to a career in acting. He always pushed me to be greater and to strive for greatness no matter what.”

Do you have a favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share a story of how that was relevant to you in your life?

“”Prove Them Wrong”. I’ve always gotten people making fun of me or telling me that I can’t achieve my dream. I use that quote to remind myself that I can’t stop until I’ve proven them wrong. I will always look back at the quote and watch everyone in disbelief because I will finally achieve what I have always wanted”

What are your some thing you wish people would have told you before getting into the industry?

  1. Doubters

“Not everyone is going to believe you. You must believe and have faith in yourself no matter what comes your way. Don’t listen to the critics, they have no say in the way you control your life. If people start to think you can’t do something, just block them out or use them as a reason to keep going.”

  1. It isn’t easy

“Being in this industry is not easy in any way. Successful influencers and actors make it seem like you can just sit down and everything will just get handed to you.. that’s not the case. You cannot be lazy. In order to have success by the finger you have to get up in put in the work to get there. Practice your craft, don’t do what I did and just dive straight in head first. Build your notability and portfolio before anything else.”


  1. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

“You set the limits yourself. Whether you think you can do or can’t do it, you are right. The way you look at the things in your life will ultimately decide where your life is going. If you focus on the positive, you will notice much more to be happy about. This cuts both ways: Negative thinking will make your life much harder and way less enjoyable. You see what you want to see.”

Last question, we heard rumors that you have a celebrity crush on English actress Millie Bobby Brown, is that true?

[Laughing] Yes, that is one-hundred-percent true. Ever since I started watching season 3 of Stranger Things, I started to have a celebrity crush on her. I’m pretty sure almost every teenage Stranger Things fan has at one point. IT’S MILLIE BOBBY BROWN! WHO WOULDN’T!? [Laughing]

Thank you for joining us today on our virtual interview Nathaniel.

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