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Internet freaks with an Ambition – Meet Devi Singh and Chirag Gera

Devi Singh And Chirag Gera

In current scenario, all nations are healing from world-wide lockdown, but India is evolving at a rapid pace. Pandemic hit us hard and totally changed our way of thinking and the way of living. During this period, digital media industry has grown to a world-class level and its necessity is increasing day by day. Today, to build a long chain of the network with a wide audience having great reach need proper marketing plans, business skills, innovate mind and 

good content is a must. Chirag Gera and Devi Singh are a few marketing experts who built a huge audience with their creative mind and potential in a short period. 

Chirag Gera and Devi Singh know how to promote their works and their clients’ events via the internet. Both claim to be experts in digital marketing inside out, and that’s the main reason for their success at such a young age. 

They are already a famous name in the Digital Marketing world and are known as the leading Serial Entrepreneur in India.  

Chirag Gupta is a youngest successful 24-year-old Tech Entrepreneur, Safety Cadet, Author, SEO Executive, Content writer, youtuber and fashion influencer hailing from Kurushetra, Haryana. Devi is a 27-years-old Indian Entreprenur, 

Web Developer, celebrity manager, Artist, content creator and a youtuber from Rajasthan; India. 

Devi Singh and Chirag Gera have worked with internationally known artists, Entrepreneurs & Companies hailing from all across the globe. Their proven marketing strategies and experience of working with top-notch organizations have helped them learn every bit of the digital media industry. Their hardship, struggle, and knowledge have helped the rapid growth of their marketing agency in such a small period. Both love to take up new challenges every day. Chirag and Devi being digital marketing king believe in satisfying clients in all aspects. Their priority is customer satisfaction instead of making money or profit. 

What makes Chirag Gera and Devi Singh different from others entrepreneur is their hunger for success? 

Both have learned innovative techniques and 

business skills quicker than the majority of the Digital market. The youngest Tech entrepreneurs like Devi Singh and Chirag Gera is an inspiration for many youngsters in today’s time.  

Their plus point is their confidence in themselves, they say that once you believe in yourself, others too will believe in you and work, so always be confident and believe in your strength. Always follow the rules of smart work and patience Chirag and Devi has leveraged their Marketing Agency to a completely next level. The nation needs such digital marketers who think fortunate for the future. 

This story of Chirag Gera and Devi Singh is motivating and exciting too but there is a lot more to the entrepreneurial journey and that will come soon enough. We wish soon they grab the title of the youngest billionaire boy from India. 

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