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Inspiring The World To Make More Money with Jeff J Cunningham

What’s your backstory? 

“It was Friday morning 10am, my sister’s wedding was the following week, and I was going to wake up my brother Jay to get a haircut.  He didn’t wake up.” Sitting on the floor giving him CPR doing everything I could to save him. He died of an overdose of fentanyl that was mixed with drinks from the night prior while we were talking about a dream we had together. Months later, at my teaching job one of my close students passed away, a girl I cared about cut me out of her life, and HR threatened my job.  They then made me go to therapy.

I told this therapist lady the dream me and my brother sketched out on a napkin of the coffee shop / studio we would call Kokomo, and she said I would never get there unless I was on some drugs, and I have to take a test and sleep over night to be told I have ADHD, and my friends agreed with her.

I was lost and shaken and I went to my dad.  He gave me a book Power of a Subconscious mind and showed me a video that I remember not even wanting to see.  It was Grant Cardone. I WENT home and watched more of YouTube with this Grant guy. I read the 10x Rule and that book changed my life.

I started taking massive action. 10x, acting on any thought, talking to many successful coffee shop owners and business owners I could.  Took the summer off and did door to door sales, with no AC in my car, and Grant’s tapes, training and books. I invested 7k in coaching, found a local millionaire to learn from and raise capital named JC Tonnotti, invested in software now and am making more money than I ever made by helping others do the same.. I put myself in a position to invest in a quarter million dollar real estate investment, and start my coaching business to help other people at


I try to live to my full potential everyday, no drinking, no ADD drugs, and stay super focused on building wealth to one day build a franchise to remember my brother. He lives through me, and I believe it’s my life purpose to inspire others away from the pain, so they don’t lose their full potential to drugs or pain in their life.


The book Inspire Others Always, will be out next year to inspire others to take action in each chapter that tells the journey in full. Can be found at Today,  he recent investment is in a software with his business partner Mr. A.C, who plans on working alongside to bring value to the marketplace online. First venture is a software called Bread Earners and you can follow this journey as well as money tips he gives back value on the up and coming YouTube channel can be found at

What made you decide to choose this career path?

I worked for many people my whole life. Always wanted to be the best at a job, but always went outside rules to get things done. Once because of my brothers death, and Grant, found my calling. Realized the life of an entrepreneur is you set your own rules, in a good way, and when people admire them they buy in and work with or for you. My job is to sell a vision and now provide jobs for those who need them. It’s my life calling, to be the best entrepreneur I can be. It is not easy. The job was easy, but I know when all is said and done, this path will be worth it. Watch.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?


I thought spelling mattered and tried so hard to write my first blog to help people.  I then had people point out mistakes, but still ask me questions. Though it was funny I was so worried about what other people thought, and then learned it’s okay to be a bestseller and help people, then a best speller and help no one.


What do you think makes your company/personal brand stand out? 


I am me. No lambos, no fake likes.  All meant to help others watching my hustle.  Yeah I throw up money a little, but its because I remember the days I was negative in my account.  I may get negative account in my back again, just never in my mind. If I always have courage, I will never be broke.


What’s a quote that you live by? 


INSPIRE OTHERS ALWAYS.  It will be my campaign slogan if I have to run for President one day.  I hope not, doesn’t pay enough but may be the best shot to change the education system.  Also will be the title of my book, and wear it on my phone and brand for myself first and then for others. 

Jeff J Cunningham

Nathan Ray Ortega is the founder of influencer podcasts. Nathan helps those share their great story, by helping entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, millionaires and many more get on podcasts and tv shows around the world, his passion is to help share the stories of the few to impact the lives of the many. Nathan had to overcome many obstacles during his journey, from having 16 different jobs at age 20 to being homeless and sleeping in a car with his pregnant girlfriend, and even changing in public bathrooms for 2 months, but during that time Nathan stayed motivated and listened to many powerful stories that changed his life for the better. Nathan thanks the power of podcasting for motivating him to push further with every episode of entrepreneurship. ''Life is never a straight road, we have to face unknown obstacles, many emotional experiences, and life-changing habits, to get to where we need to be.'' - Nathan Ray Ortega

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