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Indulge in Ugat’s designer ethnic wear with Precision and Love


When the entire world is trying hard to cope up with the pandemic of Coronavirus, we are turning more and more inclined towards sustainable brands. This article is about a brand that has sophistication, aesthetics, detailing, elegance, and the best of designs to add an attribute to your personality.

Ugat is a brand based in Delhi and the name itself is quite unique. The name ‘Ugat’ basically means “rising from the roots”.

The name is very meaningful and deep-rooted signifying the brand as they too believe that one should always stick to their roots no matter how successful one has become in his or her life.

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Ugat encapsulates inherent sophistication, aesthetics, immaculate details, and the sheer elegance with which the product is displayed. It’s a celebration of vintage Indian fashion wear.

Modern Indian wear is norm-breaking. It is by definition an Indian silhouette that can stand it’s own without the support of heavy embellishments and embroidery.

The best part is that both the owners do not have any specialization in this particular field but their sheer love for ethnic wear is the sole reason which made them take this leap of faith and make a career out of something which they thoroughly enjoyed and could present themselves in front the world.

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The journey has been full of ups and downs just like any other venture and the most beautiful part of this journey is that they are always contented and happy with whatever they are doing and the smile on their faces says it all..

One of the collection which is really close to their heart is the Zariya ’19 one. The amount of love it has received over the time frame and how it still tops the people’s list makes all the hard work worthwhile. One of the major things which I loved about the brand is that there are no repetitive designs, all the designs are unique and one of a kind. Even many of the outfits can be mix and matched which again focuses on the reusability factor. The pricing and the quality of the products are praise-worthy as well.

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When you take a look at their amazing collection, Zariya, you’ll see the emphasis on the storyline and the places they had to visit for the shoot of the collection. Every collection has a story behind it and the way they really wanted it to come out really impactful and grand is also a significant part of the success of the collection. The way the collection is portrayed also builds a different level of reliability between the customer and the brand.

“It is one of the closest to our hearts and we look back at those days” quotes the founder.

Another thing which I really liked about the designs is the fact that it has an element of old school aesthetics. Their primary work is focused on monotones and the style philosophy is classic yet minimalistic at the same time. All the dresses are lightweight, comfortable, and wearable throughout the year. They always try to bring our designs which are girly and very easy to carry in contemporary settings.

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The owners constantly try to discover themselves and take every day as a new challenge for them, thereby honing their skills and learning from their mistakes and this is something which we all must incorporate in our lives in order to be successful.

Don’t forget to check out the fantastic collection on their website and you can also stay updated on their social media handles (i.e Instagram) to know about the latest offerings.

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