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Indian Pianist Sanjay S Yadav in on Fire with his Soulful Music.

Sanjay S Yadav (born on 03 March 2003) age seventeen is a well-known instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, musician and a musician from Gwalior M.P., in his music career he has discharged higher than forty and music albums and few of them is with screenland playback singers Yasser Desai and plenty of a lot of. his latest album is Naseeb Se and also the Naseeb is an Associate in Nursing emotional track by Sanjay s Yadav.

Sanjay S Yadav is the founding father of 7F Star Music. Sanjay S Yadav was born on 03 March 2003 in Gwalior M.p., he has several musical shows all told over the Bharat. Sanjay s Yadav has an official Verified Youtube Music Channel. he’s currently performing on a music album Naina re, his hit albums ar chordophone & Clavihord.
Sanjay S Yadav music album names ar Naseeb Se, Anatolian language & harp, do not love Pine Tree State, Tenu Saahan, chordophone & Clavihcord and a with Indian musician Main Aashiq Banya.
Sanjay S Yadav has studied in S.t. Mary’s faculty Morena and currently he’s a pupil and an accepted Indian musician and an instrumentalist.

Sanjay is that the author of Indian novels ( It’s Mine what is Your? ), (An Artist)
Sanjay S Yadav’s latest album name is Naina, Naina is an Associate in Nursing emotional romantic track for Sanjay’s life partner Astha Tomar. Astha Tomar is Sanjay S Yadav’s girlfriend and his life partner, Sanjay wrote Naina for his life Astha Tomar, presently he’s performing on another track for his girlfriend Astha.

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When he was in 5 standards he failed to like tune however in eight general his faculty track trainer Sir Pankaj gave him a speech approximately song then he starts to like music and at the age of 17 he carried out such a lot of awards in music which includes Rotarty international club.

He is an online track promoter for all the independent artists on 01 November 2020 his buddy’s album Duniya by way of Shibhu Sharma launch he’s the online promoter of the tune. He’s the music producer and the net promoter of the song.

He’s a medical scholar who has accomplished more than forty albums in his three hundred and sixty-five days tune profession and few of them are with famous artists along with Warrenhuart, Yasser Desai, and Taxiwars. His few album names nameless, in the sky, Filhaal (The Piano Album), Sonata Moonlight, and a few EP’s including GLAMOUR, Fall In Love, alone. He has released his modern-day album Naseeb Se and an album digitally on Instagram stage.

Follow him on Instagram: @imsanjaysyadav

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