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Incredible health benefits of guava

benefits of guava

Benefits of guava

Besides its different flavor and fragrance,Nowadays, guavas are bought in any supermarket in Nigeria, but some people are still hesitant about these fruits and would like to know more about them. Guava is low in calories and large in fiber.

It is high in nutrients and usually grows in tropical areas. Although this fruit is not popular with people or consumed every day, it still deserves to be recognized because it has many health benefits. For example, it contains the following substances:

  1. Carotenoids

These antioxidants are generally found in certain types of fruits and vegetables. Except for guava, it is found in carrots, potatoes, and melon. Beta-carotene, which is one of the same carotenoids, is also considered a form of vitamin A. According to research, guava contains around 6% of the daily value of vitamin A.

This vitamin is essential for eye health, skincare, and the immune system. Therefore, when we consume foods rich in beta carotene, like guavas, our body automatically converts beta carotene into vitamin A and gives us as much as our body needs. Carotenoids are highly recommended to be received from guavas and other fruits or vegetables, instead of taking supplements.

  1. Vitamin C

As we know, many fruits and vegetables contain a rich amount of vitamin C. However, guavas are one of the most significant sources of the said vitamin. If you eat just one guava, it will provide you with around 209% of your daily value of vitamin C. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect your cells from chronic disease damage.

It is also necessary for the improvement of collagen, which is a layer under your skin. According to scientists, most adults do not get the amount of vitamin C they are supposed to get. This is related to the fact that they do not consume the approved absorption of vegetables and fruits. If you eat more foods like guava, it will help you get the recommended amount of vitamin C.

  1. Fiber

If you’re not getting enough fiber, it could easily lead to frequent constipation, cardiovascular disease, and even some cancer types. The accessible way to add fiber to your diet is to eat more fruits and vegetables, including guava. One guava provides around 3g of fiber, while the recommended daily standard for women is 25g and 38g. Other significant sources of fiber are nuts, grains, and seeds.

  1. Potassium

If you eat more guava fruit, it can increase the potassium supply in your body. This nutrient is essential for the balance of body fluids. It also helps in signaling muscles and nerves. It knows that one guava will provide you with 230 mg of potassium, which is about 6% of the daily value.

Eat a cup of guavas will provide 20% of the daily value of potassium! If you combine guava consumption with other vegetables and fruits, you can easily reach the recommended amount of potassium, which estimates 4700 mg.

  1. Folate

Guava fruit contains not only vitamins A and C but also group B. From one cup of guava; you can get around 20% of the daily folate intake. Folate need in the body for the formation of new cells, RNA, and DNA. If a person does not consume enough, there are risks of mouth sores, megaloblastic anemia, and hair, skin, and nails. By the way, the extra folate is suitable for people who had issues with alcoholism, women of childbearing age, and people who have questions with absorption from the digestive tract.

Guava fruit can be useful in:

Acne – if you eat many guavas, you are less likely to get acne, pimples, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. These fruits are rich in astringents, which help tighten the skin and muscles of the face.

Diabetes – Guavas slow down the absorption of sugar into the human body, so diabetic patients might need it. The fiber in guavas prevents patients from developing type 2 diabetes.

Piles – Medical experts believe guavas are cute piles. Again, this is because of the fiber – the high levels of this substance soften the stool and stimulate metabolism, which treats and prevents piling.

Weight Balance – Guavas will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Sore throat – Guava tea is a common remedy for sore throats. Guava juice will also help with pain relief. This is because guava contains gelatin, which is a very effective remedy for throat diseases.

Fertility – Regular intake of guavas improves your fertility thanks to the folate it contains.

Hair Growth – Guava fruit promotes healthy hair growth, and we can thank the rich amounts of vitamin C for this. It also acts against hair loss.

Stomach Problems – Guava is known to help various digestive tract disorders, including constipation, diarrhea, acidity, indigestion, kidney stones, and stomach pain. By the way, guavas are also suitable for women who are menstruating and have severe stomach pain. The best natural treatment to improve erectile dysfunction : Super p Force and Tadarise 20

Pregnancy – Guavas are incredibly beneficial for pregnant women. They are weighted with calcium, folic acid, and many vitamins to be extremely helpful for the expectant mother and her child.



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