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In Search of The Lost by Sarah Khan is a must-read book


About Author

Born in the city of Indore, India, Sarah Khan is an inquisitive and passionate writer who loves sketching, painting, and reading novels. She writes quotes, poetry, articles, stories, and all sorts of write-ups. Her parents have provided their support to pursue this passion more. Her elder sister has encouraged her in all odds. She has won prizes in poetry and is currently a Blogger with her own website named, ‘My Creations’. She wants to create revolutionary changes in society in terms of equality and prosperity and she aspires towards a better world.

About Book

In 1857 when British rule began in India after the defeat of the last Mughal emperor, there were a series of events inflicting the normal lifestyle of people. As I learned about the historic era where nationalists rebelled against the British regime, I realized that the common person had also faced oppression which nobody ever got to know. There might have been untold stories of displaced children and detached families which our history books never taught us. While I was imagining myself as a part of the common public during the British legislation, something clicked inside my head as if I had discovered something nobody ever found. As I researched about the places of national importance, I came to know about Jallianwala Bagh, a
memorial of national recognition. After the implementation of martial law, the holocaust at Jallianwala Bagh had shaken the nation. Many lost their lives or their loved ones. It had been an emotional insight for me, but my interest in the historical world had compelled me to bring this world to you.

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