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Improving Horse Riding in India with Amit Kumar Adhana

An improved and internationalised standard of Horse Riding training centre, Equus Farm, has been introduced in Delhi, NCR, by Amit Kumar Adhana. This is his attempt as a professional equestrian to improve the level of equestrian sportsmanship and increase access to Horse riding in India.

A professional Equestrian show-jumping athlete with 6 national championship medals, and 5 state championship medals holder, Amit Kumar Adhana has been competing since the age of 12 as a Cadet in Boys Company in Remount Veterinary Corps of the Indian Army.

He has been working towards improving his performance and reaching international standard of technicality with his coach Gina Miles who is a silver medalist from the Beijing Olympics (2008). Her continuous support towards his training and has made a real difference to the standard of riding available to all at Equus Farm.

Equus Farm’s avid supporter, Nidhi Agarwal, has been known to help set up new businesses in India including a Fortune 100’s Space and Missiles business and India’s first ever mobile commerce initiative. Apart from being recognized as one of the Best business heads in the Media Industry (2020), she has been named under India’s Top 35 Business Women by Business world, CNBC’s Young Turk along with being ranked in Cosmopolitan’s list of 30 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs.

With the grit & hard work of Amit and support from Nidhi, Equus Farm was established to share this sport and raise it to a wider level of awareness with the many added benefits. This facility includes an international size arenas for show-jumping and dressage. Equus Farm actively rehabilitate with training retired race horses and get their students started with local competitions whilst setting the aim as high as Nationals.

Owing to his approach of training both horses as well as students, he has made a good social media presence with about 15k followers on Instagram. With a never give up attitude, Amit Kumar has been known to defying odds.

Both Amit and Nidhi are fond of animals. While Amit actively rescues and rehabilitates horses, providing them with the proper treatment and training them as well. He has also been aiding other charitable organisations actively. Parallelly, Nidhi runs JustFurrLove to rescue dogs in need. They have together rescued 7 horses, 21 dogs, 2 cows & 5 cats till now.

Horses are of prime importance in Amit’s life. He finds his peace with them. Continuing to add more feathers to his cap, he is preparing for competitions and remaining dedicated to his venture at the same time, which surely will be fruitful for establishing a greater standard of Horse Riding in India.


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