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Impossible is a myth says Aryan Chaturvedi founder of HighOnFame

Aryan Chaturvedi

Aryan Chaturvedi

Aryan Chaturvedi,is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Rajasthan. He is just 20 years old and accomplishing one milestone after another at this young age. He was born on October 13,2001 in Baran district, Rajasthan.


Aryan is the founder of the agency HighOnFame. Currently, he is pursuing bachelor’s in Aviation Management at NIMS UNIVERSITY. Aryan is someone who follows his heart. He does whatever he feels like and finds right according to the situation.


HighOnFame is founded by Aryan Chaturvedi. The agency looks after PR&branding  social media strategy and all digital marketing services.


They help the brands to stand out by making them different from the crowd and provide new strategies to engage the audience. They make sure that the brand gets the 100% outcome at the least financial output.


They do personal research on each and every project and analyze the current status of the brand. After that, they develop a customized ORM plan, PR, social media, SEO strategy, publishing, and promoting positive content.


He only aims for success and gives his all to achieve the same. Though he also agrees failures add to one’s experience and to see things from different perspectives and motivate to do even better. He never gives up on things until and unless he achieves success.  His family is his biggest motivation and encourages him to go on and never give up.


He doesn’t have anyone in particular to mentor him. But for him, life is his biggest mentor. He tries to learn things wherever he can. Every new day comes as a lesson for him. He meets new people often and learns things from their experience, success, and failures.


He also dreamed big and he was financially stable by the time he was 18. Though he doesn’t count this as a huge success for him it was a small step to something big and many things are yet to come.


He wants to inspire people to never give up and keep on doing hard work. As hard work is one of the main pillars to achieve success. He with his hard work earned 14 lakhs rupees and helped around 2000 people to earn through the internet.


According to him, one can achieve everything they want, they just need to be dedicated enough, and the impossible is a myth.

Founder of Wewhost ( and Zooxper Media & Marketing, two specialized web hosting and marketing firms.

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