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What if we told you that you’ll find a gym nearby everywhere you go? Well, that is true. You never have a reason to skip a workout wherever you go, because you are there.

No, we don’t try to be cryptic. We just understand that your body is the most practical gym there is and that the advantages of bodyweight training are well-proven. Your bodyweight exercises can take you much further than you might imagine in your fitness, and the research backs that up.

When it comes to building strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, bodyweight workouts have been repeatedly shown to be efficient and effective. Bodyweight exercises can also help your body to be injury-proof and give you a break from weightlifting wear and tear. Depending on your objectives and situation, every form of exercise has its place. But we believe that bodyweight workouts are a fantastic training method for athletes of all levels.

Bodyweight exercises give you the opportunity to exercise both muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. And because there is so much potential variability in bodyweight workouts, you can choose which elements of your metabolic pathways you want to train, from long, slow sessions to high-intensity intervals. It’s one of the key advantages of calisthenics.Today we will talk about a guy who is very dedicated to bodyweight training.Hemant Kumar is a Delhi based certified bodyweight training coach. His journey from a skinny structure to a fit body frame is commendable.

In his early age, he used to be very thin and that is the reason many of his classmates mocked him. Just imagine a situation when you are being mocked because of your body structure, anyone can lose confidence and self-esteem and the same thing Hemant has faced. In his first year of college, he skipped many classes because of the fear of being mocked. But after the first year, he realized that gaining a good body is the need of an hour. He started to have an irregular diet, he used to eat a lot and exercise in the gym. This unacceptable behavior led him in the way of getting a disfigured bulky body.

He suffered from depression and anxiety. He has done his MBA in finance and got placed in a bank. But then also he was not satisfied at all. He has worked for 7 years in the bank. Once he was scrolling the YouTube feeds then he came across a video of Calisthenics and say what, his heart given him the signal that this is what he wants.He gave 1 year to acquire every possible knowledge about it. He was very passionate about the training. He had managed wisely between his work and training. His transformation is commendable which we can see through his Instagram feeds. In his feeds, he usually talks about mental health and fitness. As he knows the importance of mental health and fitness a lot, he tries to motivate people about it.When he started doing bodyweight training, it gave him his confidence and self-esteem back. He was no longer under confident about his body frame. Now he has grown into a smart and confident guy.

A well established social worker, digital entrepreneur and public relations expert with expertise for 2+ years . Yet youngest girl child to win national recognition by UNEP .

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