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Iman Khatibzadeh, Founder Of Proshot Media, Reveals Unique Insights For Business Owners Around The World

Iman Khatibzadeh is the founder of Proshot Media; A digital marketing and media firm whose aim is to help both individuals and business owners achieve success in their marketing and social media campaigns.

In an interview with Iman a couple of weeks ago, he shared his thoughts on running a firm in today’s economy and also some key advice on overcoming challenges as a business.


Overcoming StartUp Challenges 

At the start, Proshot Media faced a problem that every new company can associate with – The problem of amassing customers and gaining customer trust. 

To overcome this barrier, the firm offered top-notch services to various businesses owned by friends. After doing this, word of mouth and referrals gave them a huge PR boost. Today, Proshot Media provides services to clients in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. 


The Brains Behind The Firm

Being a tech entrepreneur and enthusiastic gives Founder Iman Khatibzadeh an added advantage when it comes to creating and running his firm.

Currently, Iman spends most of his time creating unique branding and marketing experiences for his clients. He does this by learning the ups and downs of marketing and tailoring his campaigns for increase in company sales. 


Proffering Solutions To Problems Faced By Millions Today;

In marketing, a major part that people miss out on is the monitoring of their social media accounts. Being experts in Social Media Management, Proshot Media directs massive and targeted traffic to their clients by utilizing various social media platforms; especially Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world.


Thoughts On Digital Media And Entrepreneurship?

Iman Khatibzadeh, Founder of Proshot Media strongly believes that these two fields directly impact each other. To be an entrepreneur with a voice in the business world, he explains that having a strong media backing helps, especially in the areas of branding. 


An entrepreneur can solely start a firm and remain on his own, but it’s the media that does the talking, publicity, and guess what? marketing. Bottom line, Leveraging digital media is very crucial for individuals and businesses of any caliber.



You can contact Iman via his Instagram page


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