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Ike Mann – The ‘Mann’ of The Moment

“Ike Mann is proving to be the ‘Mann’ you need in your corner when you want to taste success, being a music lover and the one who appreciates new music and talent but still loves the old hip-hop. This Talent Manager, who is very talented himself with his excellent management abilities when it comes to networking or managing, has the unique power to recognise successful musicians who are ready to take on this planet.” –

Some curiosities :

  • The first rap record he purchased was the debut studio album ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’ from Ice Cube.
  • Growing up listening to a variety of artists from various genres including Pop, Dance and others; Ike’s passion for music has evolved and has since collaborated with a number of public figures, musicians, sports and television personalities from around the globe.
  • Inspired by working with publicists, managers and agents, Ike started gaining experience in the entertainment / sports world and rubbing shoulders with leading figures within those industries.
  • As entertainment man ‘Ike Mann’ began listening to music, little did he know he would have the opportunity of working with some of his favorite artists and media personalities in the future.

As a “Talent Manager”, How do you discover talent?

Having an ear for music, Ike began attending a variety of unsigned music shows all over the UK. In addition, he often scoured the internet via a variety of online channels such as YouTube and SoundCloud, finding talent with which he could work.

Who have you worked with?

Paris Hilton, Rick Ross, Hayden Panettiere, Winnie Harlow, Boyzone, Wladimir Klitschko to name a few.

What inspired you to get into music?

I grew up on music. Growing up, I always used to listen to my cassette tapes both in the house and through my Walkman (it’s an old school thing), but music was and still is a passion of mine.

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Angelo Raguso, alias FAW9 : For almost ten years, he has dealt with electronic music, first as a Music Producer, releasing his music on top Labels in the sector, such as Spinnin 'Records, Elrow, Trax Records, Freakin909, Hotfingers and many others, to name a few, and then as a Label Owner for various record labels that launched and then sold or entrusted in permanent management to various collaborators. Today he is a Social Media Strategist, has worked and offered his services to top names in the American and European entrepreneurship sector, and writes as a freelancer, for sites like Disrupt etc

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