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IDEABLITZ 1.0: Nationwide Mission for Technological & Societal Advancement, by PiBlitz


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much ” – Hellen Keller is a knowledge development platform where they have re-imagined the way

you collaborate for Open Knowledge. In an attempt to bring together bright minds from all

engineering colleges across India, to solve some real-world problems; PiBlitz came up with

their flagship event an ideation challenge, which was then named as ‘ IDEABLITZ 1.0 ’.

Students from well reputed institutes such as IIT Madras, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, IIT (BHU)

Varanasi, IIT Bhubaneswar, SVNIT Surat, MNIT Jaipur and so on, flew in with ideas. IdeaBlitz

was 24-hours of problem-solving starting from 20/02/21 @6PM to 21/02/21 @6PM, with

equally spread out side-events such as PiPolls, The Late Night Riddles and PiBingo which

made the overall experience more engaging and exciting.

PiBlitz is a Start u p I ndia listed company.

It’s a common scenario in colleges that a science or engineering student steps back when it

comes to working on a project or research work. Working in a team is where they lose interest as

the task becomes tiring, exhausting and cumbersome. It’s high time that we adopt new ways to

work on our projects. Here is where our platform PiBlitz shines bright.

– Founder & CEO of PiBlitz,

Mr. Dharmesh Rajput

Wouldn’t that be great if there was a way to showcase your expertise in a field while

inspiring and helping fresh learners. At PiBlitz, they have created a platform where you can

moderate and create your version of knowledge. You can raise problems arising during

development, and people from the open source community would be ready to help you,

there are loads of other features visit to learn more.

IdeaBlitz 1.0 consisted of 12 prevalent problem statements, each participant had to work on

formulating solutions for one of these. Topics were diverse thus bringing in a varied set of

ideologies. Issues addressed can be accessed through the link, page 3:

“We received an inflow of 1000+ registrations from across India. Feedback revealed that the

majority of participants alias ‘Pideans’ had an exciting and fruitful weekend with IdeaBlitz

1.0. Ending a 24 hour long event with this kind of feedback was something that the PiBlitz

team cherished. Prizes worth Rs.15,000/- were announced for the top 3 winners, and gift

hampers for the top 12 submissions.” — Dharmesh Stated

1) Parth from IIT (BHU) Varanasi: – “ Women’s Safety Problem at Night ” – WINNER

2) Yennisetty Sai Venkata Krishna from IIT Bhubaneswar: – “ The Container Imbalance ”

– 1st Runner Up

3) Shikha Yadav from SVNIT, Surat: – “ Food Waste problem in India ” – 2nd Runner Up

The proposed solutions should be used as a raw idea by various government and private

agencies to counter crucial issues such as women’s safety, food security, education system,

environmental problems, cryptocurrency and so on, to develop better and effective

solutions. The value of an idea lies in the application of it.

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