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Ibtehaj Hassan’s Automated Ventures is a leading investment firm in the US

Financial education is one of the greatest things which we should learn besides textbook education. The traditional pattern of school and university does not teach us real-life lessons. After entering into the real world, most people fail to tackle the pressure of financial management. Hence, as a matter of fact, most of them end up being broke before their 30s’. 

Having a financial coach or investment consultancy is the best gift you can give your family. Real estate investors, angel investors, stock market, share market, trading, there are different patterns and platforms to achieve your financial security. Automated Ventures help their clients to touch the ultimate goal within a fixed time period. Ibtehaj Hassan does not believe in philosophy but stats. He helps his clients to earn multi-six-figure within 12 months of his consultancy. 

Ibtehaj Hassan is an altruist and down to earth person. He knows the value of hard-earned money and also very determined about his tricks of money flow. Ibtehaj Hassan always wanted to be a doctor and help others. But life showed some other paths to him to serve people. He joined a fast-food restaurant for a living. After a few months, he became the owner of a restaurant. After arranging a good amount of capital money, Ibtehaj Hassan started a new e-commerce company named Automated Ventures. This company helped its clients to earn multi-million within a time period. Ibtehaj Hassan is determined to create a big story of Automated Ventures by 2021.

The contagious friendly personality has made Ibtehaj Hassan a favorite to everyone, and he grew his connections widely. In a time of mental peace crisis, Ibtehaj Hassan is working hard to expand his business so that his employees do not face any hurdle during this economic fall down, and he is making other people happy through his videos simultaneously. As the followers increased on social media, Ibtehaj Hassan’s business is also taking off to touch the multi-million dollar budget. 

Ibtehaj Hassan was born in New York City. He lives there with his parents, grandmother, and brothers. Ibtehaj Hassan’s videos are so gelastic that they can bring smiles to age last people’s faces. We can expect more youths like Ibtehaj Hassan who will come to spread positivity in society. The altruistic personality makes the place joyful wherever he goes. The vibe is very optimistic. Ibtehaj Hassan wants to help other entrepreneurs through his work. He has a team of adroit employees who work hard to help their clients to make multi-six-figure income within 12 months. They also bag some extra profit in the processing. Ibtehaj Hassan does not want that the budding entrepreneur faces the same hardship as him, and later they turn into kakorrhaphiophobic in life.

A video of Ibtehaj Hassan and his mother went viral on social media, and people started searching about them. After this incident, the birth of LOLibtehaj happened, and now Ibtehaj Hassan posts a sneak peek of his daily life tragedies on demand of his followers. 


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