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I love to capture feelings. My camera is my true friend. 

Hashim Tariq Bhat(Born 11 February 2002) is a photographer from Ganderbal Kashmir. He was born to a Kashmiri Muslim family. He completed his schooling from local School in Ganderbal. “When our teacher used to ask us about our aims many people would tell doctor, engineering or something else, but my answer was always a photographer. I believe that camera has always played a great role in my life. It’s like a mini friend who travels with me in my backpack. Hashim added.

He has worked with many magazines and participated in may photowalk and workshops on photography. His fist portrait went viral on social media in year 2017, I just captured that portrait, with just one intention that this will be memory for me, well I thank social media that people loved that picture and many pages even shared that. Said Hashim.

In 2018 Hashim was on a photo shoot when he got an accident that physically didn’t hurted him but emotionally broked him. His lens and camera both got damaged, he was unable to think what he should do now. But his hard work and dedication won there, he didn’t stopped and continued his work with the help of smart phone. When my camera got damaged I was stuck for a moment because I had bought this camera after saving my money for almost 5 years. Well Allah plans better, for sure he is the master planner.

I worked with some Organizations and news portals as intern and worked very hard.

As an author Hashim has also published his own book “Anecdote” about his own work with some short descriptions. He also loves traveling so he can explore new places and capture them inside his camera. He usually trek to different high altitudes of the valley. Hashim captures these views and shares his amazing work on different platforms.

Everyone says that kashmir is heaven on earth, so many people vist here every year and with every season kashmir has it’s own beauty a person can see. I try to find some good shots during these seasons and try to show my work everyone out there. Being a photographer is sometimes risky in kashmir, you need to be careful every time. Said Hashim.

On asking what project’s you have in your mind, Hashim replied that,

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I have so many projects in my mind I will try to promote my heritage and culture with my work, I want to document potters and Artists, I want to capture heritage buildings. I want to write about these things. I love doing these things.

Hashim is running an Instagram page named @thekashdoodle where he Post’s his work. He has been able to take part in many photography workshops and Photowalk organised and arranged by many leading organisations. There are many things I wanted to tell people, I believe that everytime nature heals and we should always take some time to get involved in the melody of nature.

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