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I feel proud when I speak kashmiri, it’s my identity,Says Asif Tariq Bhat

Life sometimes hits you hard, but everything happens for a reason. When Asif Tariq Bhat started writing in kashmiri language many people criticized him for that. People used to tell him this isn’t going to work, you should follow trend but he Continued and followed his path. Asif has done his schooling from local school in Ganderbal. He is currently pursuing Honours in Kashmiri literature from Amar Singh College srinagar. Being a student of Amar Singh College, I consider myself lucky because I got that platform and exposure that I was searching for.

I believe that to write in your mother tongue gives you real taste, it provides you inner peace. I believe that mother tongue is person’s identity, it represents the Nation you are living in. I we adopt any other culture or language we will be called adopters not real owner’s. That will be shameful for us. He added.

Asif has completed almost 15 books consisting both poetry and prose. These books are written on many topics including social behavior, mysticism and conflict. Asif has published one book “SARAAB” Which consists some short stories and poetry in it. The book is all about fiction which creates an illusion in readers mind.

Besides poetry Asif write short stories as well, his latest short story “Shikyear” was highly appreciated. The Story tells us about how an innocent people comes into the trap of a hunter. I write what I see, what I feel this short story is every kashmiri out there. Being a writer of conflict zone it’s hard to explain or write reality here. But truth has aroma that can’t be caged. Asif added.

I believe that a writer should read first then he should start writing because, there are so many things there is so many knowledge that you can collect by reading.

On asking do you believe that a person must have a mentor or someone who will guide him in following his path.? I think without mentor or teacher your life is waste because he wouldn’t only guide you, he will clear confusions from your mind, similarly I consider Zareef Ahmad Zareef my mentor whatever I write I visit their place I show Zareef Sahab my content.

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What kind of work you want to contribute to the literature of Kashmir?

I am not the only person there are so many awesome people out there, well if I will talk about myself I will try to catch young generations attention through my work because, they have totally forgotten their identity(Their mother tongue) and I believe that if I will contribute some things to catch their attention I will be the most happy person. To catch their attention I must write about Kashmir and it’s conflict I must focus on what’s going on. Nature and love has played a good role in literature but now it’s time to modify the system.

What will be your last message to the audience?

I would like to advice you that follow your dreams, give your best whatever happens, it happens for a reason but don’t give up. Give time, give dedication to your work and it will definitely show you fruitful results. And I urge everyone especially our youth, please try to talk in your own language. Respect it, respect your identity.

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