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How Wendell Miracle Pialet Is Using Social Media To Make A Big Impact

October 6, 2010, signaled the start of a new era for the world. With the birth of Instagram, the economy and culture of our society were forever changed, and with its blossoming partnership with Facebook, the influence of Instagram has continued to grow exponentially. Through the easy to access pictures and short videos, content has become more shareable, watchable, and globally viewed. With its growing popularity, Instagram has given rise to a new culture, influencer culture. Social media influencers have broken into the economic space around the world. Whether they worked for years to build a following or went viral overnight, these Instagram figures have dominated and will continue to dominate the online conversation. 

A great example of this is social media influencer Wendell Miracle Pialet. Wendell is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, author, emotional counselor, and widely known Instagram celebrity. With a network of over 200,000 followers, clients, fans, and friends, Wendell serves the people through his Instagram and company, Hope Nuggets. And even in the global arena of influencer culture, Wendell is unique in his own right. While most people with a reach as big as his would push products and use their fame for material gain, Wendell only sees social media as a way to guide and pick up the people around him. He is a specialist in emotional health, specifically in helping people master their happiness, gratitude, and love of life.

If you head to Wendell’s Instagram page, Hope Nuggets, you will see that it is a beautiful collection of daily motivational videos and quotes that Wendell shares. Through his love of God and his passion for life, Wendell is able to channel his own strength into building up his followers, his clients, and anyone that he can get to. But what qualifies Wendell for this position? Other than his studies in the psychology of happiness, laws of attraction, and general emotional health, Wendell has also experienced the highs and lows that life has to offer.

A San Diego resident who grew up in New Jersey, Wendell’s roots in the Philippines have kept him close to his family. But one of the greatest tragedies that Wendell has ever experienced was the loss of his mother in 2012 to her decade long battle with cancer. 

This event shook not only Wendell but the rest of his family to their core, and he struggled for a very long time after her death. His mental instability after the fact caused him to not only lose his job but burn through all the assets that he had, and very soon Wendell found himself with nothing. But it was through his indomitable will and his motivation to get up, inspired by his belief in God, that Wendell was able to bounce back from this tragedy and bring himself up in order to help others.

Now, with a new spark, Wendell runs and operates his company Hope Nuggets, and offers assistance to anyone that needs e-counseling, motivation, speaking of any kind, daily quotes, or even advice from his new book: Have a Magical Day.

Wendell has broken the internet with his positive energy and his fascinating comeback story. This is the real magic of Instagram in the modern-day. It gives social media influencers like Wendell a space to heal, grow, thrive, and help others.

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