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How Todd Lamb Is Growing PureLife Organics

Todd Lamb is the Co-Founder and managing partner of PureLife Organics, a company dedicated to the pursuit of creating healthy people and a healthy planet through proprietary organic supplements and other products aimed at enhancing the quality of their customer’s life.

What does PureLife Organics do?

PureLife Organics is focused on creating healthy people through proprietary organicsupplements and other products aimed at enhancing the quality of our customer’s life. In addition, we contribute to worldwide reforestation efforts through drone planting and assisting poverty stricken nations to provide work for their citizens.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made professionally?

Early on I spent too much time listening to people who have not walked the path and underestimated what it takes to build a business as opposed to just a hobby. It’s been
rewarding, but a lot more challenging than I had expected at times.

What are you doing to keep growing?

Building processes that are repeatable, eliminating potential single points of failure and creating redundancies in systems, roles and functions within our business and our team.

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