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Top Editors Tips On How To Write A Good Children’s Book

If you believe that you are an amazing Children’s book writer and that you can get your children’s book published, then you are probably right. But to be a hundred percent sure about that you should let others read your work and then ask them to give you an honest feedback. If you have a bunch of people who like your writing then you are right about yourself of course, if, however they think otherwise then take it as constructive criticism and work on the short comings. We will share some tips on how you can make your children’s story book good enough to get it published and get it the recognition it deserves.

  1. The story should be exciting and adventurous:

Children love thrilling stories, one that makes the blood in their veins run faster, make sure your story plays into it. Let your imagination run wild and get as creative as you can.

  1. Get some amazing illustrations to support your story

Illustrations are the first thing that will attract the children towards your book, so make sure your story has a visual representation so that it doesn’t feel like it can’t be imagined in the curious little minds of these children.

  1. What makes your story unique?

Even though you don’t need to write countless pages when it comes to children’s story books, you still need a story that is unique and stands out from the rest. The story should appeal the parents too, since they’re the ones making the final purchase. Therefore, it is better to make sure your story is impactful and meaningful.

  1. Bring fluidity to your language

If every page rhymes with the next one then that’s great but if it doesn’t, that’s fine too. What’s important is that you have a strong syntax and balance in your language. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep it simple and engaging.

  1. Interesting protagonist

Keep the main character inspiring and interesting for the little ones, so that they can relate to them when they read your book. If you have a character children like, then you are already on your way to make your audiences grow.


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