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How To Succeed As A Beginner Entrepreneur – With Patrick Corsino

Patrick Corsino is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor known for starting multiple successful online business as well as being an early investor in Bitcoin. His journey started in college when he realized the flaws in the education system and took his life into his own hands. Patrick worked as a waiter for some time in order to fund his first business, and the rest is history. Fast forward, Patrick has started multiple businesses and built an investment portfolio that few his age can rival.

What do you think holds so many people back from success?

Honestly, most people hold themselves back. Everyone tries to find an outside source to blame but the truth is most people are scared of failure. One of the best things you can do in business is to fail fast and learn. Don’t overthink decisions. I like trying things out and then figuring out for myself if it was the right or wrong decision. If I was wrong, I learn and move on!

How did you handle adversity and doubt?

Really easily by realizing this is was my career, my journey, and no one else’s. A lot of people will butt in and try to give you their opinions. Un less they have every achieved what you are trying to achieve, you’re better off following your gut. You will also deal with negativity all the
time. What you’re doing is different from the “norm” and people have been brought up to fear the different and unknown. I find myself feeling bad for haters, it must be hard being in a position where your day revolves around bringing other people down.

What would be your #1 tip for beginners?

Don’t get caught up in all the stuff you see online. Most of it is not real. What you see on social media is not the way the real world works. People usually share only the exaggerated highlights and that causes people to get discouraged. The only person you should be in direct competition with every day is yourself and you should always strive to level up your life.

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