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How to Identify the Right Media and Marketing Company to Work Within​ 2020

A company is just a group of people. And how talented your group is directly correlating to your customer satisfaction as well as success. Choosing the ideal marketing agency for your company is equally important as selecting the right business talent. The agency needs to match your business personality and understand your company’s vision to be able to meet your marketing needs. Consider, the case of Aurum Media & Marketing, a company that was started with a vision of data sciences in mind and using smart data analysis techniques to arrive at more insightful conclusions for clients.

Directors Deepak Munsami, Mofeez Khalid, and Mobeen Ayaz combine their experience in different business industries to develop actionable insights to compete in the fast-growing marketing industry. Together, they guide entrepreneurs to create and sustain brand identities using effective marketing techniques. 

Seeing that there are so many agencies out there promising results they do not deliver, the three serial entrepreneurs open up about how you can identify the legitimate media and marketing agency to work with. 

What are Their Marketing Practices?

You can learn a lot about a company by analyzing its practices. Ask the agency you are considering about their marketing practices. The one red flag you want to watch for is an agency that uses cookie-cutter strategies. Their methods should involve diving into the businesses they work with to determine the best solutions to meet their specific needs.

What you are also looking for is whether or not they shape their efforts around leads, sales, and conversions. The ones that do have a higher chance of giving you a return on investment. You can also ask about the sales productivity of the different marketing solutions they offer. This information will allow you to determine which services are worth your time and dollar.

Which Marketing Tools Do They Use?

A company that uses outdated tools or none at all is a red flag. There’s a lot that goes into tracking and analyzing campaign-related metrics. With the right tools, this becomes a whole lot easier and more efficient. That includes having tools for social media, content, Pay Per Click ads, and so on. Automation tools can help ensure email, social media, and content marketing is on schedules. Then analytics tools can be used to track the traffic, conversions, and sales to ensure the meeting of goals. Some professional tools used by leading digital agencies include HubSpot, ClearVoice, Sprout Social and SEM Rush.

Do They Have Testimonials or a Portfolio?

As they say – the proof is in the pudding, especially when it comes to marketing. So to determine if a digital agency is all that it’s cracked up to be, you need to see their work. Ask about viewing their portfolio. It can include snapshots or case studies of conversions relating to a social media or blog initiative on which they embarked. A marketing agency that’s proud of its work and results should make case studies, analytics, or other metrics available to potential clients. You can also ask for references so you can speak with them personally. It also wouldn’t hurt to do a little due diligence. For instance, you can look for online reviews for the agency to see what past customers had to say.

As a business, you can’t afford to pour thousands of dollars into a marketing strategy that does not yield the results you desire. Whether you’re looking for enhanced traffic, better conversions, more subscribers/followers, or more engagement, the right digital agency can help.

Aurum Media & Marketing has helped numerous businesses with analyzing their company needs, developing a solid strategy, and executing it for them all through a holistic approach in inbound marketing. Aurum Media & Marketing is a new company integrating traditional and modern means for marketing & media to enhance the growth of their clients. What sets them apart is that unlike other companies, they endeavour to understand their clients first—what our clients are selling, be it a product or a piece of content. If you’re looking for a full-service digital agency with an outstanding reputation for getting results, then reach out to them today.

Sergio Centeno is a PR Expert that helps brands establish credibility and create brand awareness. He specializes in helping brands get recognized by prestigious publications and featured on major news outlets. He’s worked with influencers with 100K+ followers and a few clients worth over $100M. Sergio is known for helping brands get more clout!


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