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How to Find, Land & Negotiate Your Dream Job with Joshua M Evans; Leader in Company Culture

Although expertise and experience are essential in the hiring decision, many employers are looking at other factors to decide between candidates. A recent survey analysis of millions of job listings determined that the main attribute an employer is focussing on for in an employee is leadership. Can you set forth an example of your leadership capabilities that can help distinguish you from another candidate having the same experience and expertise?

Joshua M. Evans is a leading expert on company culture with corporate experience of more than a decade. Joshua, a number one bestselling author in leadership and management, is an international speaker. Additionally, the guru is a coveted TEDx programmer and the organizational engagement specialist. Joshua teaches you to be better than 99% of all other job seekers and land a job at a great company. Below, you’ll find those lessons distilled down into a step-by-step job search guide: 

Figure Out What You Want

Before you start applying, an essential thing for you to do is to ponder about what you want from your new job, from what you’ll be doing day to day to the overall company culture. Identify your perfect role, know how you would fit in the system, and know your fate within the row. It is essential to identify the right fit for you to avoid blind application to jobs. Taking just any responsibility may have your search again before the spring break.

The absolute way of figuring out your brand is finding out your core-strengths and weaknesses to defining your career passions and purposes, translating it into your resume, elevator pitch, and more.

Build a Plan

To create a reasonable job search strategy, Joshua encourages you first begin with thorough research. Do a study on the job trends and tasks at hand. Figure out your role keeping a keen eye on the historical data, digging deep to know everything you’ve done in the past. Map carefully attainable, reasonable goals that will help you reach a successful career. 

Start establishing a date when you want to be in your new position- you can work with the past to break down the timeline into manageable segments. For example, you can set aside time for research, time for sending out applications, and time for allowing the companies to get back to you. You can then grow your network which can give you advice pointing you in the proper direction or help spread the word that you’re interested in. Fine-tune your interview skills and ensure you feel confident in your abilities to go out there and get the job that puts you on the best possible career path.

Find and Engage the Right People

Although technology is transforming the hiring process, people, not machines, will continue to play the dominant role in hiring and staff engagement. It is crucial to build and nurture your professional relationships both online and in person. Finding the right people that hire for a suitable job increases productivity for your company. Once you find the right people, engage each one of them with a proper role.

Suitable people are those that could give you an offer, and this will call you to do something that speaks to them. Some ways to hook up and connect with people include attending networking and meetup events, arranging networking coffee dates, and using mentoring platforms such as Ten Thousand Coffees. 

Know Your Worth and Increase Your Value in the Job Market

There’s no better way to landing a great job than to create a demand for you. Joshua encourages you to consider yourself an outgoing project that can be improved and worked upon with a bit of time and effort. To increase your value, realize yourself as a professional. Develop specific expertise so that your industry recognizes you as a thought leader or critical influencer.

Next, research your dream jobs, understanding your responsibilities and requirements of your dream job. Whether it’s completing the occasional workshop or a full-time degree, continually educate yourself and update your skills as a signal top any potential employer that you’re conscious of your growth and professional development. Understand that you are valuable. Know that you are worthy and be flexible. Your value is what will help you know what to bring on the table and how.

With Joshua M. Evans, Finding, landing, and negotiating your dream job is as easy as ABC!

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