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How To Effectively Dm Brands And Get A Suitable Reply In 2020

Times are changing, trends are shifting. It’s only natural that human behavior also evolves. 

Social media on the other end has grown greatly along the past years, it has gotten easier to get through to brand owners, CEOs of companies, entrepreneurs, celebrities and the likes. 

But there’s a rock, most of these people don’t handle their social media account by themselves no more, they hire social media managers to manage their online presence and reply to their DMs.

So how exactly do we get to DM these people and actually make sure our messages are being passed across and we get a suitable reply?

In this article, I’ll be explaining ;

  • The whole concept of DM
  • How to properly send a DM
  • Follow up stage

Let’s dive right into it;


DM simply means Direct message.

It is a private message sent to an individual on social media e.g Twitter, Instagram, Facebook e.t.c. Some people would also refer to it as PM meaning Private message.

Now I won’t bore you by explaining step by step how to get the Dm tab or something on social media, the important thing is that We know what DM means.

How do we send a dm and not get ignored?


First of all, decide where you want to send the dm I.e to choose a social media network you want to dm from be it Twitter, Instagram e.t.c

Then decide why you’re texting. For the purpose of this article, why we are texting is to make enquires about a brand through the business page on social media.

I mean, don’t Just go “Heying” or “Hi” in anyone’s Dm again without a follow-up message of why you’re actually texting, you most likely won’t get a response.

An example of a properly constructed DM looks something like this,

Fred is a guy that runs an online thrift store, but Fred doesn’t have it anywhere on his page if he runs nationwide delivery or not.

Hey Fred, 

I’ve been following your page for a while now and I must say, you’re doing a really fantastic job. Your page is customer friendly.

I would like to make some enquires tho, 

Do you run nationwide delivery or your goods are just limited to people in your vicinity?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Precious.

Most of the time, in fact, 85% of the time, the first message would not be replied.

Don’t fret, there’s more to do. 

This brings us to the follow-up stage 


After the first message has been sent, there’s a very high possibility that the message would not be seen, hence not replied.

When this happens, it’s time for follow up.

The follow up is in three stages, a friend of mine, Sope, termed this procedure the 3-7-7 Technique or Follow Up.

The First stage(The 3 stage): This simply means you wait 3 days after sending the direct message to send the first follow up message. If you still don’t get a response, then you move to the second follow up stage.

The Second stage(The 7 stage): Another follow-up message is to be sent 7 days after the first follow up message.

Still didn’t get a reply?

The third stage ( The 7 stage) : This is the last and final message, send another follow-up message and I guarantee you a reply from any brand whatsoever you choose to DM.

A follow-up message looks something like this:


This is just to know if you’ve seen my previous text. I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from you.

Best regards, Precious

Follow the above procedures to the letter and a suitable reply is 80-90% guaranteed.

The major key to getting anything done really is Persistence.

Nobody gets anything done the first time they try.


So this is an article explaining how to Send a Dm and get suitable replies,

Is there something you were expecting me to mention and I didn’t?

Tell me in the comment section. 


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