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How to Develop an App like Meesho for Your Reselling Business?

Meesho clone app

The practice of reselling products has been in the market for several centuries, and it continues to be in the market in the digital age. However, with the technological features and numerous business opportunities, the market potential for products from small scale industries have skyrocketed. A reseller will buy products from a wholesaler or retailer in bulk and sells them directly to his/her target customers. They will add a marginal price along with the original cost for profits. The Meesho app has captured this business idea and integrated technological tools into it to create an ideal online reselling marketplace. 

Important aspects to consider while developing an app like Meesho:

Analyse the market:

Before getting into the app development process, it is critical to analyse the market prospects. SWOT analysis can come in handy at this phase as it can help to analyse the four fundamental aspects of your business. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Although it is a simple technique, its effect will resonate in the later stages. Closely monitor your competitors’ services and analyse their business unique selling propositions. 

Decide on your niche:

Ask yourself if you will limit yourself to certain products or cater to the needs of a particular customer demographic. Figure out the list of products that will be sold on your platform and finalise on sellers’ policies.  

Defining the product:

Ensure that your app has a unique selling proposition to stand out from the competition. Since the market is getting crowded with similar apps, people will prefer your app only if you offer something unique. Concentrate on the following aspects to develop a flawless reselling app like Meesho.

  • Best quality
  • Best quality-to-price ratio
  • Luxury
  • Aspiration

Before finalizing your unique selling proposition, ask yourself the following questions as it will help to clear things out of your mind.

  • What product is the platform selling?
  • Is there a defined list of benefits for the end-user on downloading the application?
  • Who is the target customer base?
  • Have you made your unique selling proposition different from your competitor apps?

Essential features that should go into your Meesho clone app:


The users should register their account to access the platforms’ services. They can register with their phone number or email address. They can also directly login to their account with social media plugins.  


On completion of the registration process, the users will be verified by the admin team. The users will have to submit government verified documents, and it will be cross-checked for its authenticity. 

Search filters:

Search filters help users to find prospective resellers to buy products easily. They can also make use of the advanced filters in the app to get refined results based on multiple criteria.

Product feed:

The product feed showcases a mix of products from all categories to the users. It will be updated regularly based on the users’ interest, past purchases, browsing speed, brand, category, etc. This dynamic feed will help users to make purchases based on their needs.

Product categories:

Your reseller app will be a one-stop solution for products from different categories. It would be better if the products are arranged categorically and further expands into multiple subcategories. 

Product page:

Every product on the app should have a dedicated page to showcase its pictures, functions, price, description, seller information, etc. Customer ratings can also be added to it for user convenience. 

Product catalogues:

Every reseller app will have a unique catalogue that lets resellers to share the product’s catalogue on social media apps directly. This feature can save time and help to reach more potential customers in the shortest time. 

Shopping cart:

When the users are interested in products from resellers on the platform, they can add it to their virtual cart to purchase them later. They can add/remove products from their cart anytime, and it will be helpful to have a thorough look at them finally before purchasing.

Payment integration:

Payment gateways is a must-have feature on every reseller app as the app will have numerous resellers. Since the entire business operations take place online, the payment gateway must be appropriately designed to prevent any fraudulent activities. 

Delivery tracking:

Once the user places the order, they should be able to track them and get regular notifications regarding their package. You should also add options for returning or exchanging the product, in case customers aren’t satisfied with it. 

Reviews and ratings:

Integrating the reviews and rating feature will enhance the users’ trust in the platform. The user feedback will be transparent and cannot be altered by anyone. It can be useful for other users to decide between buying a product and the resellers to learn more about their services’ drawbacks.  


The integration of the geotagging feature in the Meesho clone app will help in localizing the market. It can also help customers search for products on the app based on location to get their ideal outcome.

Offers and discounts:

No user has ever refused discounts, promotions, and cashback from an e-commerce application. Ensure that you offer discounts to your customers regularly to boost the platform’s sales and revenue.  

Push notifications:

The resellers must be kept informed about future updates, sales, promotions, purchases, inventory status, etc. Push notifications feature can be the perfect way to accomplish this as it can be used to send targeted alerts and as well as common messages to the users. 


If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur with plans to enter this lucrative market with a robust app, get in touch with a professional clone app development company to get started. Get your hands on the white label Meesho clone script to kickstart your venture in this profitable industry and effortlessly get your ROI in the shortest turnaround time. 

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