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How To Build A Personal Brand with Marketing Wizard Matt Young

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Many stigmas lend itself to the term “personal brand”.

Ask around — some believe that your personal brand is your bright blue logo. Others say it’s what you post on social media. Some even believe that your personal brand is your reputation.

In theory, they are all correct. Your personal brand is the way in which you show up to the world. How you present yourself, your company, or organization through different channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google). More importantly, it’s the thoughts and feelings that your brand, product, or service gives to potential customers, prospects, and clients who happen to stumble across your content.

When asked to write this article, I couldn’t think of a better candidate than Matt Young when it comes to building a personal brand. Matt scaled his personal brand from a whopping $500 investment to 7 figures in record time, which gained him the respect and attention from major publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS,  USA TODAY and more.

Matt agreed to help share a few secret tips below that will help you elevate your personal brand to the next level in 2020. 

Be a True Expert

A common misconception is that you need to post every day in order to scale your personal brand. I have a total of 5 posts on Instagram right now (laughs). Not to belittle the importance of posts, but your focus should be on actually being an expert in your craft before entering the marketplace with mediocrity. Nothing will kill your brand quicker than posting half-hearted content that doesn’t reflect authority and expertise. 

Identify Your Market

First things first, when building a personal brand, always ask yourself “who is my audience”? Start there, because based off of your answer, that’s the type of content you should curate. A product for everybody is a product for nobody, so make sure you niche down and get specific on who your brand or service is for. If you don’t identify your target market in the beginning stages of brand building, you will face inevitable hurdles, which could have been prevented early on.

Create Familiarity

The best way to create familiarity is to use lingo that your audience is already familiar with. For instance, one of my companies generates buyers and seller leads for top real estate agents nationwide. We understand that one of the biggest pain points every single agent faces is generating qualified buyers and sellers. As a result, our website homepage addresses that issue head-on with a “Never Speak to An Unqualified Lead Again” call to action button. Not only is this bold approach true, but it’s extremely effective. This type of lingo clearly communicates our solution to agents in one simple-to-digest sentence.

The Ol’ 75/25 Rule

When posting content, create a harmonious blend between business and personal. People want to know that you’re human. You’d be surprised by how much it pays to let your audience in by sharing personal stories on your business page and vice versa. Be dynamic – it’s your biggest strength on social media. This applies to every niche; it doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, doctor, dentist, or a dog walker..curate content that will help grow your business but don’t neglect the importance of the 75/25 rule. 75% Business, 25% Personal.

By following these steps outlined above, you’ll be on the right path to scaling your brand successfully!

Josue Arteaga is a 20 yr old Branding Expert and Ventur Capitalist. As the Vice President of Disrupt Media, his aim is to disrupt how personal branding is done through marketing tools like Social Media, Press, and Podcast in a unique way. Josue has worked with clients worth over $100m, celebs, and the worlds biggest entrepreneur influencers like Ed Mylett, Julius Dien, etc. As for as investing his owns and manages $2m in rev/yearly in meat markets and is expanding with his goal to own 1,000 meat markets and generate one billion in annual revenue by the next 7 years. If not he says "$10m a year doesn't sound so bad"

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