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How To Build a Multi-Million-Dollar Business: 3 Lessons From Female Entrepreneur Tiffany Williams

Three Tips Women Can Follow to be Successful in a Digital World

Tiffany Williams, the founder of Rich Girl Collective, never imagined that when she started her Facebook group in 2016 it would turn into an online network of over 70,000 women. But it is amazing where a laptop, internet connection and a little tenacity can get you in business today.

After leaving her corporate job to work on her online business fulltime, Tiffany has helped more than 20,000 women (and a few good men) create profitable online businesses by teaching them the same methods she used to build her empire.

In this article, Tiffany Williams shares three ways women business owners can build businesses that don’t get lost in this fast-paced society.

Focus on one thing first

Since a young age, Tiffany knew she wanted to own her own business one day. Her business first started as a side hustle while she held down a corporate 9-5. But quickly grew to the point where she was able to exit her fulltime job and work on her online business fulltime. Tiffany attributes part of the success to her business was her ability to focus on one product rather trying to offer her audience multiple things at once.

“The goal is obviously to create multiple streams of income. That’s just not something you can do in a week. The key is to pick one thing first because when you try to “do it all” you are unable to put 100 percent effort into one thing. Master that one thing first, then expand from there.”

“For me, my one thing was one-on-one coaching. So many people were coming to me for advice after they saw my online store. To keep up with the inquiries coming in, I came up with my second income stream: classes. I have the same audience for each stream of income versus having to create a new consumer space for each revenue stream. Focus on one thing, listen to your audience, then expand.”

Grow your audience NOW

“One of the best pieces of advice I got when first starting is: perfect does not exist. Most people want to wait to make sure that their product is perfect before putting it out there. To me, this is backwards, and it holds you up from actually starting your business.”

“Start building an audience while you’re developing your website and product before you launch. That way, when you are ready to launch you already built relationships and have an audience.”

Don’t compare yourself to others

“We’ve all seen it on social media, people travelling to exotic places or flashy events and we think to ourselves, “Why can’t I do that?” When this happens it’s important to keep in mind that you never know what it took, how long it took or how much that person had to invest. Lock in on your goal. Create a tunnel vision and you won’t be worried about what the next person is doing”

Tiffany Williams is also a huge advocate of collaboration and partnerships to help grow your business.

“Unfortunately when it comes to women, there’s a false narrative that’s gone on far too long that women can’t support one another in business due to competing with one another instead of collaborating. This could not be further from the truth! To gain a sense of personal fulfilment, women have to activate their business acumen without relying solely on their beauty to make a place for themselves in a space that is dominated by men. Women need to create their own lane by doing what they know, use the resources given to them by seasoned entrepreneurs and they have to be willing to exchange service for mentorship when the opportunity arises.”

Tiffany’s final words of wisdom is to, “Do it now and start now! Don’t wait until you think you have everything figured out. You’re ready, now leap!”

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