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How this Immigration Lawyer addressing these COVID-19 crisis and what to expect next?

Our featured guest today is a San Diego, California based renowned immigration lawyer Jacob Sapochnick. Jacob has been featured in Forbes, CNN Money, and many other publications. Jacob talks to us about the current crisis and how it affects immigration. We also asked him what can people looking to immigrate to the US to do under the current situation.

Jacob had been a lawyer since 2004 and he is known for being an early adopter of technology and social media. He said, “I was one of the first lawyers to grow a big following on Facebook & Instagram and now getting results on Tiktok.”

His law firm adapted to the Corona Virus situation very quickly. They shut the office for in-person meetings and moved the entire firm to work remotely. They use cutting edge cloud technology to store client’s files and communicate with the staff and clients to keep the operation running.

The firm is using video conferencing tools to consult with the clients and provide updates on cases and new developments in light of COVID-2019 rapid spread.

We asked him what should people do regarding immigration in a situation like this where there are travel restrictions due to the virus outbreak and his answers might help readers deal with the situation.

“What we are seeing right now is unprecedented. The impact of the COVID-19 on the immigration world is very significant. First of all the USCIS Immigration service in the US is completely shut down. This will cause significant delays with case processing in the near future. The Embassies worldwide are also closed for visa processing so no new visas can be processed at the moment.”

He also added that Applicants abroad should be patient and keep following the updates as things change daily. People in the US going through the immigration process are expected to see some serious delays in cases. Visitors to the US may not be able to leave the US on time and so the Immigration service created an emergency program to help people that may be at risk of overstaying the visa due to the current situation. Also, If you are a student currently in the US, you may be eligible to apply for a temporary work permit due to the emergency situation.

About actions that people can take right now on their own in this situation, this is what Jacob had to say:

“People should be informed and be aware that they have options. The crisis created opportunities for temporary stay for those that are in the US, but certainly more delays for those that are outside the US. I feel that both the state department and immigration service will be more lenient with applicants that are direct victims of this crisis. Immigration as we know it has certainly changed forever.”

How can he as an immigration lawyer help people in this situation to which he said:

“Our services can help applicants navigate through this complex system. Laws keep changing daily in our space and we keep track and can help our clients get better results. We also follow up directly with the government on a regular basis, allowing for faster processing of cases. We are passionate about our work and will never let any of our clients down.”

So there you have it, we hope this helps readers navigate and find appropriate immediate solutions. For more follow Jacob on social media for upcoming changes in the law and the potential opportunities that it will create. In the meantime stay safe.

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