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How This Genx-Er Stepped Out of Depression and Alcohol Abuse and Into Helping Others Heal and Saving Animals

I was recently able to chat with Nikki Packard who helps women heal their body, mind, and spirit naturally by eating plants and loving themselves. I asked her about success and what it meant to her, here is what she had to say:

When was the first time you tasted success Nikki?

It was a long time ago but probably when I got into every college that I applied to including Harvard and The Rhode Island School of Design. That’s when I first realized that I was actually was smart and talented. My hard work paid off and this was validation. Many years later I realized that this external validation really didn’t mean anything to me. These days I feel most successful when I’m helping other people and animals. Whether it’s helping to comfort a friend or family member through a tough time or coaching someone to a healthier mind and body or opening someone’s eyes to the plight of farmed animals… it’s so much more meaningful to me to be of service rather than consuming more and more “stuff” or getting to that next rung on the corporate ladder.

Why do you want to be successful and what’s your ultimate vision of success for yourself?

I want to be successful so I can share it with all of the other people out there who are doing amazing things but don’t have the means to do everything they could be doing. My vision for myself is inner peace, continued growth, learning and teaching. I see myself working hard but not because I have to… because I want to, because I’m passionate about it and because I’m making a difference in the lives of so many humans and animals.

That’s a great reason and plan! So, what’s your end goal?

My end goal is to create an animal sanctuary/retreat center where people can learn about farmed animals and their own health while healing from things like unhealed trauma, depression, anxiety and chronic conditions like fatigue, pain, arthritis, digestive issues etc. A kinder, healthier, more empathetic planet.

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story Nikki! Do you have any last pieces of advice for readers at home?

Don’t give up. Keep learning, keep growing and know that you’re meant to thrive. No matter how bad things seem there is always something to be grateful for and gratitude is the fastest way to happiness.

Jourdain graduated from Colby-Sawyer College, where he studied Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. After graduation, Jourdain joined one of the most active Venture Capital Firms in the world, Alumni Venture Group. Before joining AVG, Jourdain Co-founded Beast Media Agency, a digital marketing, and PR company focused on helping founders get their stories featured in online publications. During his sophomore year of college, Jourdain worked for iComeUp Marketing, a start-up based out of Miami, Florida. Within 8 months he helped grow the business revenue from $20,000.00 a month to $130,000.00. In his free time, Jourdain covers success stories of founders and companies who are making an impact on the world for publications like The Hustlers Digest, Kivo Daily, Future Sharks, Thrive Global and Disrupt.

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