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How SZERDS and Knucklehead Media Group Merger Is Set To Steer Stout Business Growth

Businesses that can identify and implement changes while addressing risks have the advantage of positioning themselves for growth. Currently, coronavirus effects are everywhere, and naturally, the digital agencies are among those that are learning to cope. So the question that comes up is – do we see an alternative through collaboration to increase allocative efficiency? For this new merger, the answer is certainly, yes.

Knucklehead Media Group and SZERDS (Szerletich Design Solutions) finalized their merger beginning this month, focusing on transforming the new company, Knucklehead Media Group, into a digital powerhouse. The move comes amid Covid-19, after considerable planning and thoughtful execution. They believe they have a compelling opportunity to reinvent the business and expand digital revenue. Here is how they plan to do that.

Creating synergy

Both companies present extensive experience and understanding of the industry. Together, they are set to create a robust and comprehensive content and podcast production media company. Placing the top executives to lead the company, and not leaving behind any employee, the new merger harnessed the human capital for continued growth. Besides, the merging will allow the company to shed overlapping overheads in areas like corporate functions, networking, client acquisitions, news operations, digital presence, and centralized services.

Reinventing the brand

The brand vision for the merger is clear. They are focused on giving their customers’ brand a human voice and provide content and information that informs and educates the public. They say great content is really at the core of their mission. The two are pivoting their digital transformation strategy to put their customers first. The new director of content strategy, Justin Szerletich, noted that the company is ‘committed to delivering great quality content through new mediums, meaningful reporting, and new podcasts.


Key Strengths

Knucklehead Media Group brings on board a strong reputation as the home of some of the top podcasts across multiple categories, helping brands connect with their audience and increasing revenue generation across multiple channels. On the other hand, SZERDs has extensive experience in digital marketing and content creation. Besides, they also bring Studio SZ” to the merger, a live and virtual event broadcast production and management production studio. The merger of the two companies into Knucklehead Media Group makes it possible to reach their dream of reinventing themselves into a digital powerhouse.


Already gaining traction

Covid-19 has affected the pace of some things during the merging process. However, with employees already working from home before the pandemic, the team is all-hands-on-deck. The new merger says that they have studied their audience insights and watched in real-time as daily routines, engagement behaviors, and listening habits evolved throughout the pandemic. The knowledge they have so far guided their strategy, allowing the podcasts and brands to continue to grow throughout the crisis. Through the merge, they continue to serve their customers and audience now and beyond. Hence, it is true that the customers and the audience benefit from this merger.

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