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How Ruben Owen Is Disrupting The Social Media Industry

Today I was able to interview Ruben Owen, a social media entrepreneur who has been able to build a career from his social media channels. The internet has for sure changed how we live today. Especially as of right now, many people are staying indoors and using the internet to provide their needs. Ruben is going to explain why using social media is important to use nowadays, especially as a brand/public figure.


What values and principles do you hold close to in business?

One of my most important values in business is integrity. For me, integrity always comes first, with anyone and everyone who I am in touch with. In order to build myself a trustworthy and reliable name, I am honest every time no matter what the deal is. I am also very fair when it comes to business. Being fair will make people come back for more, and see the value in your brand or you as a public figure. Another value is being trustworthy. When you are known as trustworthy your name will only get out there more and heard of. Sticking to these simple values will essentially pave the way to becoming successful online. 


There’s no business without challenges, what challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

One biggest challenge was establishing myself online. When I started, it was extremely slow trying to build up my name. I was extremely patient and dedicated and doing so paid off. I have amassed over eight hundred thousand followers to my name on TikTok, one of the world’s biggest applications, which has helped me strike many brand deals with multiple big names. I began on YouTube, and I was doing fairly well, money was coming in, but the views weren’t consistent. So I decided to move to another platform, which I felt was more for me, which was Instagram. I did well on there too, and that helped me to get where I am today. Trial and error are what I am trying to tell you here. Don’t always stick to the same plan. Sometimes a change is needed to help get you on the way or to understand yourself more, and what you are best at doing. 


How did you get started and move up through your industry?

I got started and was posting unique content to my best ability. I shortly made friends in the same industry as me who helped share some key tips and tricks. We also collaborated on the same type of content resulting in growth for both of us. Collaboration is certainly key when it comes to progressing forward. It helps to build further an audience who enjoys your content. I also used hashtags on my content so it would help people discover my content and what I had to offer. The same would apply to brands too. Ensuring you are unique and always being yourself is a key factor though, without applying this first, the other steps will not work to the full potential!


What’s your biggest source of Inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is an acquaintance, being internet celebrity KSI. He started off in his bedroom playing video games, fast forward a few years later he is now one of the world’s biggest internet celebrities. He has a film, a book, become professional at boxing, there is clearly nothing stopping him. This is what inspired me to keep going. Results come no matter what when you put your head down to it. Being relentless no matter what background you come from. KSI also taught me to always be myself, one of the things I live by today. Another source of inspiration of mine is a quote, which reads, “Talk less, do more”. Talking about a plan always sounds good but nothing happens without execution. I keep this at mind every day to build success more and more with entrepreneurship and business.


There are a lot of young people out there who are trying hard to be as successful as you are, what words of advice can you give to them?

No matter what your age is, start now. You will thank yourself at a later stage for doing that. You don’t have to be a specific age or have any prior knowledge to start learning and progressing. The first move is the most important move you will ever make. I suggest you be patient and passionate about whatever your interest is. Put the work in and you will then be unstoppable.

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