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How Rohit Tayade Gained Over Half A Million Views On YouTube

The time when the younger generation is usually confused about their careers and spend most of their time in daydreaming, Rohit Tayade, an entrepreneur, YouTuber, blogger, and Social Media influencer had clear goals right from the beginning. It was the zeal to do something unique in Rohit which made him shine among the crowd. He was clever enough to realize the importance of social media and its wide scope in the future. Pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree from a reputed Engineering College, this eighteen-year-old belonging to a small state in Maharastra has big dreams to fulfill.

His far-sightedness led him to utilize the golden opportunity of becoming a Social Media influencer.


This is the time we are witnessing the top CEOs turning into stand-up comedians, an eleven-year-old becoming an Artificial Intelligence consultant for a reputed organization, the actors turning into entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs following their dreams to travel the world. But, the interesting point to be noted here is that all of them have given equal time and importance to both their passion as well as profession.

Rohit is also traveling on the same road taking inspiration from the above-quoted examples. He not only uses his Social Media as an instrument to spread love and to stay informed with the latest trends of the digital marketing industry but also is a regular student at a prestigious Engineering College, runs his YouTube channel, creates informative blogs, is a social media advisor and a trade advisor too.

Speaking about his varied interests, Rohit says, “I was interested in social media and it’s functioning from a super young age. In recent years, I noticed that social media is proving to be the best way for millions of people to follow their aspirations. That is why I also decided to try my hands, and slowly it started to work in my favor.”

However, he is not satisfied yet. Rohit plans to increase his fan base on YouTube to at least 100K in the coming time, to become one of the top You Tubers. We are sure that he would be able to reach his target soon.

Rohit has picked up two attention-seeking and interesting fields Bollywood and Gaming for his own YouTube Channel ‘Retro’. Moreover, he has posted over twenty videos so far. All of his videos have been well-received and appreciated by his 4.86K subscribers.

Nowadays, it is not at all necessary to just be good in academics and score ninety-five percent in all your subjects. Rather, do what you like. Allow your passion to become your purpose, and one day it will definitely become your profession. Following this, Rohit presents in front of us a perfect example of pursuing your career along with your dreams. Clearly, he allowed his passion to become his profession.

Rohit is a Social Media Influence, A digital marketing expert, and also runs a YouTube channel with the name Rohit Tayade. Ask Rohit what makes him try his hands in so many things in spite of a tough engineering course he has opted for, and he quips ‘ I was interested in social media and it’s functioning from a very young age’ In recent year I noticed that it is proving to be the best way to follow aspirations of millions of people, hence I also decided to try my hands, and slowly it started to work in my favor. Now I run a YouTube channel and also working as a social media influencer and write blogs.

Rohit works really hard to achieve what he wished for, most of the time learning new technologies and trends of the digital medium. He plans to increase the subscriber base of his YouTube channel by at least 100k in the next 6 months.

Ksaveras Jancauskas is the top social media expert, one of the few that has been featured on Entrepreneur as a successful entrepreneur under 30 y.o. Ksaveras helps influencers and brands to be a spotlight through collaborations and PR. Instagram: @ksaveraskj

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