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How Revived Outdoors is Changing the Game

As humans, we are stuck in a routine. Everyday, we wake up and do the tasks we are supposed to, usually in the same order. We become comfortable and complacent with this routine and often are afraid to step outside our comfort zones to experience the beauty and thrill of the world around us. I recently had the privilege to speak with Tristan Hamm: one of the talented producers behind Gohamm Productions, and the founder of Revived Outdoors.

Tristan is a proud, self-proclaimed, adventurer and nature seeker. He has a talent for finding the most exhilarating locations and changing the lives of those that go with him. Every tour company claims that they know the best spot, or that they will make your vacation memorable, but, let’s face it, many of these touring companies simply take us to tourist trap locations. Rarely, are we able to experience some of the highlights of our destinations. Revived Outdoors is built on the premise that you are living your destination.


Through his own experience, Tristan saw how challenging himself to step outside his comfort zone could positively influence life. Starting with his own desire, Tristan decided to build a company that provided the experience he always wanted. His thrills and experiences showed him how much he could overcome, so he set out to show others how adaptable and strong they could be. “We have everyone from first-time adventurers to seasoned ones. Everyone gets so much more out of the experience than they expect. Real connections and self discoveries are made” Hamm explained.  

These personal discoveries and connections are often life improving. “It is hard for people to see their own capabilities. We know you have the potential, we just help you realize and utilize it” Hamm added. Often times, it is difficult for us to see the amazing things we can accomplish if we try. So many of us live so afraid of what will happen if we fail that we are afraid to step up and try. Revived Outdoors is incredibly remarkable in that it becomes your family for the time being. Everyone you are with is your support. Through accomplishing these incredible challenges we show ourselves that we are capable of so much more than we ever believed. The fact is: we hold ourselves back. We become so content with how things are, or afraid of what will happen if something goes wrong that we never truly live.

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