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How PR Maverick Josue Arteaga Is Able To Keep His Name In Every Conversation

Josue Arteaga is the CEO of Press Works. Named as a prodigy and maverick of PR by both Inc and Entrepreneur magazine. Worked with over 100 millionaires/high performing entrepreneurs by the age of 20.

Grandview raised entrepreneur , Josue Arteaga, runs one of the most sought out PR companies, Press Works. His clients range from some of the world’s richest and most famous public figures. Managing the brands and press of the influencers of tomorrow, the team at Press Works, are one of today’s top PR firms, focusing on helping clients reach their end result with their brands through PR.

At 18 years old he started his PR business landing clients such as Instagram Famous Tonio Skits. By the age of 19, he tripled his business well over 6 figures. At 20 he scaled to $50,000 a month.

”There is no end goal for those of us who do it because we love it, but the curse with that is, there is always trials and tribulations that come with success. It only goes as far as we are willing to take it.”

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Josue Arteaga, CEO of Press Works, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and rise to success and stardom.

In your own words, what’s your story, Josue? How did you get to where you are today?

I started working under a dear friend of mine. Over 3 years I served over 80 clients. I was in charge of booking them all on major publications like Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur. I’ve always been a hungry kid so I started my own side hustle called “Press Works” with my partner Julio Martinez where we were able to land 50 clients within 8 months.

I took what I learned from my own job and improved things to my liking. Due to that, we have published over 600 articles to date and we are currently scaling Press Works to $300k a month.

$300k a month! That’s huge! You’re so young and are achieving so much! So tell us, what happens next? What did you learn from that? What did that lead to next?

I learned that you have to take life by the horns and be your own boss. It’s hard but the reward is insane. It’s a real chance to change your life and do the things you always dream of.

My next move, after scaling Press Works, is to open up a Hedge Fund. Put my money into apartments and open a bunch of mini-marts as they make around $1m a year. I want to create real wealth not something small that depends on the internet.

Any last words/piece of advice/tip for readers.

My advice is achieving your dreams may take you a lifetime. You may see people doing things in 1 – 2 years but it’s often misleading. It’s okay if it doesn’t happen in 2-3 years. Often it takes more time than that! But as long as it happens in time then you need to keep hustling.

Jourdain graduated from Colby-Sawyer College, where he studied Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. After graduation, Jourdain joined one of the most active Venture Capital Firms in the world, Alumni Venture Group. Before joining AVG, Jourdain Co-founded Beast Media Agency, a digital marketing, and PR company focused on helping founders get their stories featured in online publications. During his sophomore year of college, Jourdain worked for iComeUp Marketing, a start-up based out of Miami, Florida. Within 8 months he helped grow the business revenue from $20,000.00 a month to $130,000.00. In his free time, Jourdain covers success stories of founders and companies who are making an impact on the world for publications like The Hustlers Digest, Kivo Daily, Future Sharks, Thrive Global and Disrupt.

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