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How Paul Melella Manufactures Multi-Dimensional Success for True Happiness and Wellness

Every person has their definition of success. To some, success is making it in the corporate world. To others, success may mean achieving that perfect body and finding that soulmate. According to business and personal development coach Paul Melella, this mindset is flawed. “Mastering every aspect of your life is deemed impossible,” he says. As a result, most people have a one-dimensional perception of success. Melella encourages his clients to pursue multi-dimensional success. It is a success that is more holistic as it caters to matters such as health, family life, business/career, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Paul Melella at a Glance

Paul Melella Jr. is the founder of Empowered Mastery. He founded the company together with Christopher Berlow. The two entrepreneurs are respected real estate investors, Martial Arts Grand Masters, best-selling authors, and philanthropists. Melella and Berlow each have 35 years of Taekwondo experience. Melella has spent the past two decades traveling the world, learning from influential leaders on matters of peak performance, personal growth, and healthy living. He holds a 7th-degree black belt in Taekwondo. He is a nine-time New York State champion and active participant in XTerra off-road triathlons and half marathons. 

“I saw my father struggle to give the best life to his family. He got a contract to start an electrical business, but he turned it down so that he could spend time with his family. Although I admired that, it got me thinking. Does success mean sacrificing one thing that makes me happy for the sake of another?” 

Melella is a man who has achieved fulfillment in his life. He has a successful business, a healthy lifestyle, and a great relationship with his family. To the Martial Arts Grand Master, this is a multi-dimensional success. He defines multi-dimensional success as a complete success. “For a vehicle to run, all four tires need to be full of air,” he says. Multi-dimensional success is the success that focuses on all aspects of life that will help you feel happy, fulfilled, and full of purpose. 

The Multi-Dimensional Success 

Challenges are a part of life. The inventor Thomas Edison was unsuccessful 1000 times at inventing the light bulb before finally succeeding. Still, some of us tend to get discouraged and give up. When asked about overcoming adversity, Melella stated that “You have to control your thoughts constantly. When you face adversity, you have to re-visualize a time in your life that you felt empowered and build on that.” Melella manufactures multi-dimensional success by controlling his thoughts. He focuses on his past accomplishments. This focus gives him the confidence to overcome adversity. He also feeds his mind empowering beliefs. “This is called the empowering paradigm statement,” he says, “You constantly feed yourself empowering statements that motivate you to pursue growth.” 

Empowering Mastery is the most successful personal and professional success training company in the North East. Through the agency, Melella and his partner Berlow teach their clients about the principles of mindfulness and balance in every aspect of their lives. “We ask each client to answer this personal question: What do I want? What is my outcome?” says Melella. The answers to this question are the first step in the journey towards multi-dimensional success. People have lost touch of what is essential. You may be a successful businessman but with two divorces. Maybe you have been so focused on achieving that you have not had time to spend with your kids. A majority of Americans are also struggling with making a healthy lifestyle. According to recent statistics, over 70 million adults are obese. “Success should be experienced in all areas: business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families and most of all health,” says Melella. He has manufactured his multi-dimensional success by setting objectives in each of these areas. After that, he developed a growth mindset and a life purpose statement. Melella’s claim to fame was simple. He started his first company, the United Martial Arts, at the age of 21 years with the assistance of his mentors, team, and family. This Martial Arts center is one of the most successful schools in the country. He also donates more than $20,000 in scholarships so that children can benefit from his martial arts, leadership, and character development programs.

According to Melella, “ You can have every aspect of your life thriving.This multi-dimensional success promotes the wholeness and well-being of the person. We encourage people not to limit success to just profits, but to believe in the reality that every area of life can be successful.” 

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