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How Nick Quirk Is Helping Businesses Achieve Online Success Through SEO Locale

Interview with Nick Quirk

With the ongoing hassle all over the globe due to COVID-19, I personally noticed a sudden rise in people wanting to increase their knowledge and skills they always wanted to master but didn’t have time for. And, of course, one such high-demand skill of this time is digital marketing. Realizing this great demand, I reached out to Nick Quirk, one of the established digital marketers and SEO experts in the field who specializes in SEO localization. Nick was all the more supportive to promote the interest of Digital marketing in the general public.

So, buckle up as I chat with Nick Quirk about his journey in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, online business, SEO localization, etc.

Aakash: Thank you so much Nick for the joining me for the interview.

Nick: Welcome. My pleasure.

Aakash: Great. For our readers, please give us a brief introduction about you.

Nick: I am Nick Quirk, the COO of SEO Locale, a premier digital marketing agency in Philadelphia, USA. I’ve been in the web development and digital and online marketing space for 17 years now.

Aakash: What exactly does your company do? And, what was the driving force behind starting this company?

Nick: At SEO Locale, we help businesses get found on Google or any other search engine for that matter. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. This is quite a competitive space with so many agencies providing SEO services, but what makes SEO Locale stand out is the proprietary dashboard we give to clients to track the success of our work. The driving force behind confounding this company with Marc Brookland was to provide a transparent approach as he saw his own family members getting screwed and scammed by large agencies. With SEO locale services, our clients can see what they are paying for.

Aakash: I know you constantly collaborate and learn from other people to make your own businesses successful. Could you highlight any marketers or authors who inspire you?

Nick: This space is filled with a bunch of know-it-alls so you need to be careful. I prefer to compile my data and research to see if the data is accurate before coming to any type of conclusions. There isn’t a single person I can highlight specifically, but reading up on SEMRush, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal has helped me expand my knowledge base over the span of almost two decades.

Aakash: What trends in digital marketing excites you the most?

Nick: The trend that excites me the most is continuous changes and evolution in SEO. Google Local Service Ads are interesting as they are slowly rolling out a bidding system, but to watch any digital marketing product evolve is exciting. The SEO portion changes almost every month and it can’t be the cookie-cutter approach. What we do for one client can’t be copied over to all other clients.

Aakash: If you could sum up entrepreneurship in 20 characters or less, how would you put it?

Nick: Work Smarter rather than harder.

Aakash: Why SEO localization is more important than global SEO?

Nick: For any business that has not done any type of SEO in the past, it is important to start locally or hyper-locally. One needs to target quick wins versus going after the entire pie. As nice it may sound to go after higher volume and competitive keywords, it just isn’t the best return on investment for most businesses. SEO differs from business to business. Each business would need a different approach to implement SEO locally. There isn’t a right vs wrong in this situation. It only depends on the budget and goals for the businesses.

Aakash: What tips would you give to early start-ups and small businesses for their digital marketing activities?

Nick: Research on your competitors and see how they are ranking for SEO. Look at their websites and see how they are tracking the user journey from a potential customer all the way down to being an actual customer. User experience is always the key.

Aakash: What were the biggest challenges your business/brand faced during the COVID-19 scenario and how did you overcome them?

Nick: Our business went down by 40%. We watched many business owners panic and start cutting back on their marketing. Unfortunately, some of those businesses will never recover and the competition will destroy them post COVID-19. Search trends have changed for the past new months and we needed to move with it. My tip for any business owner is to shift with the trends and don’t sit back.

Aakash: If one wants to connect to you, what is the best way to do it?

Nick: Email me at [email protected] or simply like us on Facebook.

Thanks for joining us Nick.


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