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How Myles Broom And Cameron Farthing Are Disrupting The E-Commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry has come a long way since the last decade. With the majority of brands going online, it is no surprise that the industry is now becoming saturated. Thus, if you’re engaged in e-commerce, you need to do something more than just going online to increase your market share and in order to do so, you need to think differently. But if you’re struggling to do that, don’t worry, because Myles Broom and Cameron Farthing are here to help!

An entrepreneur by both passion and profession, Myles Broom is one of the emerging entrepreneurs in the U.K. He has years worth of experience both in entrepreneurship and marketing, and he incorporated it both in his most successful venture, The Normal Company. Myles is the co-founder of this agency that assists e-commerce brands in scaling them to their highest ever returns, mainly through paid advertising and systematic email marketing. Myles found The Normal Company with his partner, Cameron Farthing, and since then, this duo has been unstoppable, seeing unprecedented demand, and a glowing portfolio of brands they have scaled. 

Unlike its name, the Normal Company is doing something out of the ordinary, which is why it has been successful in taking several brands from a couple of thousand, to six-figure monthly sales. Some of its biggest achievements are taking a brand from $40,000 monthly sales to $250,000 and taking another brand from $70,000 to $500,000+ revenue – both within 6 months! The Normal Company’s clientele comprises some of the top tier celebrity-endorsed brands including the likes of Kylie Jenner, Will Smith, Victoria’s Secret Models along with the world’s top Instagram influencers with 1M+ followers. 

Myles and Cameron believe that the e-commerce industry has become saturated and thus, there is far less room for growth, and more room for failure unless you’re doing something different. “Many brands enter the e-commerce industry thinking that it will be all sunshine and rainbows and it’s just a case of posting a few pics on IG, they’ll get sales; however, what they forget is that there are millions of other people who are doing the same thing as them and thus, they need to stand out to be successful. We see a lot of ‘me too’ and ‘copycat’ brands that source the same product, but branded differently and thus this creates high competition with a lack of innovation. What we also see is there are a lot of brands who don’t have any form of consistent system in place, it’s almost hit and hope. We help brands carve a market share and identity in this instance, and the brands that already have a proven product or brand, scale their current levels often by 2-5X” Myles says.

So how do they do it? Basically, Myles and Cameron help brands discover their untapped potential. This mostly happens with brands that are started by individuals who jump into a business without any previous experience or knowledge about the e-commerce industry, but they may adore the fashion or beauty space as an example, almost like a passion project. Even if they do well in the start, sooner or later they come to a point where they are clueless about what to do in terms of vast scale. This is where the Normal Company comes into play. Through the agency, the dynamic duo – Myles and Cameron – take their clients’ strides further by taking them to six-figure monthly income levels.

And that’s not it; the duo has also assisted several brands in growing out of their ‘maturity’ phase. All brands come to a point where they hit the ceiling and believe that they can no longer grow. In marketing, this is known as the maturity phase. The Normal Company has helped many such brands in taking their growth one step further by increasing their all-time high sales figures, often surpassing seven-figures in the time frames that their clients previously didn’t think would be possible at all.

It was not until a few years ago that the e-commerce industry players paid attention to advertising, especially paid ones out of necessity. And now that they do, a majority of these people are not aware of how it works and what you need to do to get a high return on your investment in paid advertising. Myles and Cameron help people in exactly doing that and that too in the long run. They know how to scale the revenue of brands drastically, and that’s a skill you don’t learn easily. 

Nabeel Ahmad is the founder of Mogul Press, a public relations and communications agency that specializes in media placements, personal branding, and marketing strategy. Apart from that, Nabeel Ahmad is the founder of Vertabyte, a full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to drive their growth and achieve all their business goals. At Vertabyte, his special focus is on leveraging the power of social media to boost businesses exponentially. A marketing expert, Nabeel has a deep understanding of what it takes for a business to completely crush it on the social media landscape. His expertise in marketing has allowed him to help a number of businesses increase their revenue by tremendous amounts.

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