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How Ivan Wong’s Digital Editing Process Made Him One of the Top Innovative Photographers

Being a photographer is a lot more than just taking a photo and sharing it.

In fact, so much work goes into it that it can literally take hours to get the picture just right.

Spending the proper amount of time and effort into a photo can make the difference between making you good, great, or mediocre.

Ivan Wong has spent so much time refining his skills and learning what works for him as a photographer that he has narrowed it down to these simple concepts to find your own success as a photographer. 

In order to really understand what real craftsmanship is – take a look at Ivan’s portfolio at or his latest works on Instagram at @ivvnwong.

Find Your Editing Style

Every artist, comics, story and brand has a unique style that gives it a certain feel to it and helps us associate the familiarity as our work progresses.

By keeping yourself consistent, people will learn to recognize your work as you further your career, in a ‘signature’ fashion.

Leverage a style that you can continually be passionate about and have many opportunities to explore. Ivan’s style is influenced heavily by cyberpunk, anime, and neo-noir, such as Marvel, Blade Runner and Final Fantasy.

Pick A Theme

Styles can often be misinterpreted as a theme when in reality they are completely independent of each other.

Themes are the ideas behind the work that are meant to hold its character.

Wong has decided that surrealism is the theme that he has chosen to embody his work by creating pieces that are half artistic and half photo.

Diversifying his skillset by creating a surreal photo in several ways. Sometimes as a single photo, and other times blending photos together to create a surreal image to incorporate different elements.

Finesse Your Technique

The best way to create a masterpiece is to follow the American model:

“Do one thing, and learn to do it extremely well.”

Learn what works for you, find your style and theme and learn how to make it right for you.

Spending the proper time to fine-tune your image is the best way to create the result that you want. 

Attention to detail, dedication and proper inspiration are essential to making the piece stand out and creating a great response from the crowd.

Craftsmanship is key.

Creating a preset and putting your work through a cookie-cutter will never create the results that you want. 

Greatness requires high-quality craftsmanship and dedication.

Find your style, theme, and passion for craftsmanship and you will find an undeniable success.


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