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How Intake of Carbs is good during Workout Sessions Explains Fitness-911’s Adutiya Veer

Adutiya Veer
Adutiya Veer the Managing Director of Fitness Brand 'Fitness-911'

You should avoid carbs completely” says your trainer. “Carbs after 6 PM are harmful and will make you gain weight”, said another fitness trainer. Avoid white bread, only brown bread is good for you ‘’ said the dietitian at a top gym. These are all myths being spread in the fitness industry by trainers, nutritionists, dieticians etc. these are just excuses given by these ‘experts’ when you seem to be losing hope and when the expert seems to be running out of ideas to help you. Carbs make the enemy unnecessarily. In my view they are the main and the primary sources of energy for our bodies. If it weren’t for these sources of energy we will find it difficult to go about with our daily chores. Our glycogen sources would deplete and we will start feeling lethargic for no reason whatsoever. Moods will go down without ‘that’ time of the month and even men start PMSing. Not just this even your sleep cycle goes for a toss when you quit carbs. Considering the staple Indian diet, we have been raised up on a strict healthy diet of roti, dal [Lentils]; vegetables and rice Says Adutiya Veer the Managing Director of Fitness-911.  Not just this, As India is the biggest producer of wheat and rice. If all of us were to quit all the carbs, where would all our farmers go they are already not too happy. Wonder how and why these experts expect us to change something so intrinsic for just a few easy bucks. Also, the brown bread you are having is made by adding brown colour to white bread. Not so ‘brown/healthy’, anymore.

Also now let’s talk about the natural sources of carbs, all the major fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates as the basic building block. Fruits such as apples, guavas, bananas, pears etc are rich sources of carbohydrates. In the same way vegetables consisting of bottle-gourd, potatoes, sweet potatoes, raddish, carrots etc are all carb loaded’ Added Adutiya Veer. Now I’m sure it doesn’t make sense even further to quit carbs altogether. These sorts of carbs are major sources of energy and not just energy they pack a punch of essential vitamins and minerals within them. The fiber content which they have inside them is of unmatched value, as they are the only natural and the most abundant source of fiber which further aids in taking care of our gut and the digestive system as a whole. I hope this helps anyone and everyone reading this in making smarted dietary choices in future.

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