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How do doctors diagnose and provide treatment for alopecia areata?

There are several things that lead to hair loss. Consulting the doctor can help you get the right treatment plan for your condition. Indeed, the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab is the best choice for patients struggling with hair loss and baldness. Keep in mind, the Hair Transplant Cost will depend on how many hair grafts are required to cover the bald spots. On average, the treatment cost in India begins from Rs 40,000 and it can increase further.

Diagnosis for Alopecia Areata

First of all, the doctor will check the area with hair loss and even check your nails. Following that, you will be asked certain questions to diagnose your condition properly. Knowing the exact reason is important. Through blood tests, it will be checked whether the problem is caused by the weak immune system.

Treatment for alopecia areata

If you are diagnosed with alopecia areata but it has not been one year, then the doctor will suggest you follow the wait & see approach. In some cases, hair growth is possible on its own. When the doctor suggests the treatment, he will consider the following factors:

  • Age
  • Hair loss you have
  • When you noticed hair loss for the first time

Every patient is different from others, so keep in mind that your condition might need a different approach. Therefore, consulting the doctor is important.

Treatment option: Children 10 years of age & younger

Usually, the condition begins in childhood and if your child had a problem having hair growth on its own then treatment can help. In this case:

  • Minoxidil (helps in hair regrowth & best choice for children)
  • Corticosteroid is applied on the bald spots 1 or 2 times a day.

Treatment option: For patchy alopecia areata

In case of the patchy alopecia areata, then the doctor will recommend you the following options:

  • Corticosteroids injection
  • Minoxidil
  • Anthralin

Eyelash loss

Eyelashes are known to protect the eyes. If you are facing eyelash loss, then the doctor can suggest the treatment of false eyelashes, glasses (so that people doesn’t notice your hair loss), and bimatoprost

Eyebrow loss

If alopecia areata is affecting your eyebrows then you will be suggested to get a semi-permanent tattoo, stick-on eyebrows, and intralesional corticosteroids.

Rapid Hair Loss

With alopecia areata, there are high chances of getting widespread hair loss, complete hair loss, or loss of all hair on the body. Chances are very less that without treatment you will notice hair growth. If you have this condition, then you must consult the doctor. In some cases, immunotherapy is suggested to help with hair regrowth. Ideally, 60% to 70% of the patients can notice the difference on time. In some cases, the doctor can suggest other treatment options to boost the treatment effectiveness.


Final word!

Alopecia areata is one such condition, where hair growth is possible on its own. But, if you want to get the lost hair back or want to cover the bald spots, then consult the doctor about a hair transplant.

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