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In the darkest of times, art can shine the brightest of lights. When Dhrutesh Jadhav went through his struggles he found solace in art.


Van Gogh, the famous hand behind Starry Night. Edgar Allan Poe the writer of the Raven. Monet, the genius of haystacks. All these men made art that transcended time and borders, how did they do it? While their works of art are vastly different, the driving factor behind them is the same. They wanted to find an escape – even a temporary one – from an insurmountable sadness.

Humans have this intrinsic desire to survive. If rain and thunder come, one takes shelter. If someone throws a punch at us, we either duck or raise a fist back. But what happens when all the things hurting our chances of survival are mental?

We express ourselves. And we express ourselves through art. Picking up a paint brush, strumming a guitar, penning down a song – it makes all the difference to a hurting heart.

Dhrutesh Jadhav, the 16-year-old Mumbaikar is a prodigal Music Composer and Songwriter. The way an ailing man settles by a warm fire on a cold night, Dhrutesh cosies up with music when he is going through problems and creates spellbinding harmonies and lyrics.

Curveballs like Unhealthy Criticism, Endless Taunts and Mental Harassment have been hurled his way yet he perseveres and continues to walk the path he loves and has chosen.

His inspiration to stay strong comes from a very personal place. A Dhrutesh is very close to his cousin brother; when his cousin was just a newborn, the infant had to go through an ankle surgery. Surgeries are already a daunting thing, but to see them be performed on a newborn can be unbearable.

Dhrutesh’s cousin’s leg was wrapped up in plaster for a year and he had to wear heavy shoes on his small delicate feet.

Yet Dhrutesh’s cousin took all that came his way. This perseverance, today has made him a national medal winner in Under 14 Football. He fought for better health and life and victory lies at his feet today.

Seeing his little cousin be so brave in the face of such big trouble, gave Dhrutesh the strength to fight his own demons. Dhrutesh Jadhav has fortified himself and armed himself with his art, the future may be unpredictable but he knows he is ready to face everything that comes his way.

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