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How Dean Aguilar Went From F’s In Public Speaking To Speaking On Stage

Terrified of speaking in public?

You’re not alone. So is 75% of the population, and Dean Aguilar, keynote speaker and CEO of Digital Muse Media.

Dean is still terrified of speaking in public. His fear of speaking dates back to when he used to be in school.

“Whenever a project had me speak in front of the class. I would skip school and take the F.”

So how is Dean still a sought out keynote speaker? Even while still getting anxiety about speaking in public. 

All he does is get into his “zone”.


Get in the “Zone”


This “zone” is what melts all his anxiety away. 

“I’ve never been comfortable speaking in front of large audiences.”

If you’re terrified of speaking in public, but still want to. Here’s Dean’s strategy of getting into the “zone” to melting away his anxiety.


The Strategy


1. Find something you’re interested in.

2. Give yourself permission to excel in what you’re interested in.

3. Get really good at what you’re interested in. 


For Dean, it was sales, for you, it can be writing, real estate, gaming, etc. Just find something and get really good at it.

From there, you’ll start to win awards and accolades for your success and dedication. Which will build up your confidence.

Dean did this to build up his confidence to speak in front of people.

When you accept your awards and accolades, people will see that. And come to you for advice. 

Speak to them. It doesn’t matter about the sizes. Talking to people will build up your confidence to speak in public.

By the time you get so good at what you do, people will invite you to speak at their events.


Now that you’re wondering, “How does Dean use the “zone” to melt away his anxiety?”


What he does is simple. He feeds off the emotion of his expertise and success. You see, when you’ve dedicated yourself to being the best at what you do. You’ll have a sense of confidence that you can tap into.

So what Dean does is, he borrows the confidence he’s earned. And channels it into his speaking. Plus, when he speaks, he’s talking about some things he’s interested in. Causing him to get into the “zone”.

This is the secret to Dean Aguilar going from getting “Fs” in school on purpose to speaking in front of thousands of people at a time. For you it doesn’t have to be a thousand. It can be 5, 20, or 100. 

Use Dean’s strategy to overcome your fear of public speaking. But be warned this isn’t a sexy strategy. This will take time, effort, and dedication. But will make you a force to be reckoned with.


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