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How Chris Naugle Managed Over $30 Million in Assets and Has Done Hundreds of Flips & Why He Understands How Money Works in Real Estate

Need someone who can show you the ins and outs of making money in real estate? Just ask Chris Naugle, a former financial adviser and all-around investment and real estate guru.

You may have seen him on HGTV’s Risky Builders, Flipout Academy or read about him on Forbes, Huffington Post, and others. When it comes to understanding how money works in the real estate industry, Chris is your guy.

One of the feats Chris has managed to achieve is managing over $30 million in assets and building his fortune by flipping hundreds of properties and real estate. You may be wondering how Chris has been able to achieve all of this success. Let’s take a look at some advice Chris has provided to help you get started.

Wisdom Is Earned

Real estate is the same as any other venture in that it takes hard work and experience in order to get better.

Chris has earned great wisdom by doing the one thing he knows will bring in the money- flipping real estate properties. Flipping is a term that means buying real estate title at a lower price than what it’s worth, doing some remodeling, landscape work and staging, then selling it at a higher price. By doing this over a hundred times, Chris has learned what goes on inside real estate deals and leverages it to make more money.

Learn How Money Works

Most people will have different opinions on how money works and the best way to invest in them. The worst that anyone can do is to let their money sit idle and not making it work for them. This creates a stagnant cash flow that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.  Some will invest most of their savings in banks while others won’t touch stock trading or real estate as they think it’s too risky.

Chris mentions that one of the keys to financial freedom is learning how money moves in the real estate industry and in Wall Street. The knowledge you gain from these fields is invaluable in that they break free from traditional investing rules and unlock your money’s potential to the fullest.

Financial Knowledge Is The Real Power

If you’re keeping tabs on how you can unlock the secret of really making money, then you’ll know that the key factor is financial knowledge.

There are many ways on how you can gain financial knowledge. First is learning from the best by reading everything you can about Wall Street, stock trading and real estate deals. Get inspiration from the top figures such as Warren Buffet and Chris Naugle. Second, immerse yourself in the industry and get into a positive mindset. You’ll need to believe that the money is there and it’s just waiting for you. Third, get your feet wet

and start trading money for real estate. Remember, the only way to become truly successful is by gaining wisdom and pouring in the time to get much-needed experience.

Real Estate Is Your Gateway To Becoming A Millionaire

Real estate is the most profitable niche known to man. History and statistical figures have shown that it has made more millionaires than any other form of investment in existence. When you learn how to flip properties and deal with real estate, you’ll be well on your way to gaining more wealth than you can imagine.

You can accumulate assets by working on your Wall Street knowledge and turning it into Main Street assets. It’s a time-honored strategy that will undoubtedly get the cash flow moving. It’s just a matter of lather, rinse and repeat until you have all the money you want.

Heed Warren Buffett’s Words

Investing isn’t as complicated as you’d think. Need advice on how to get started? Take a cue from one of the biggest success stories of all time.

Warren Buffett’s investment rules are simple- 1. Buy Low 2. Sell High 3. Don’t Lose Money

Now, the number 3 rule may seem obvious, but there’s a trick to it. Take banks and financial institutions, for example. You’d rarely see a bank lose money, and that’s because they use sound principles and money making strategies. If you want to be sure not to lose money, you’d start thinking like a bank and use their principles to start making cash. You can start from there and soon, you’ll start seeing how real money gets made

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