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How BLNK Slate Media is Helping Companies Create Video Content that Converts

The development of smartphones and the popularity of social media platforms have contributed to the rise in video marketing. Since people live a fast-paced life, videos are quite popular as they are easy to consume compared to written content. Research shows that videos generate higher engagement levels compared to written content. 43% of consumers want brands to provide information about their products or services in video. 

Video content is also a valuable marketing tool for business giants. Companies such as Disney, Amazon, Pandadoc, plus many more are leveraging videos as a marketing strategy. But, why are companies opting for videos over written content? Well, for starters, videos are an excellent tool for establishing an emotional connection with your audience. What’s more, social media users prefer watching and sharing video content. So how do small and medium-size businesses reap from video marketing? They can do this by reaching out to BLNK Slate Media

The Beginning of BLNK Slate Media 

BLNK Slate media is a company that helps clients create custom video content that will help them grow their brand on social media. BLNK challenges traditional communication by sharing stories of individuals and brands, making a difference. BLNK slate has worked with high-end personal brands that have been featured in their videos such as Larry King, Maye Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, and many others. 

Sam Lister founded BLNK. For a long time, the versatile entrepreneur used videos to tell his stories. When starting, Lister had no knowledge, skills, or experience in videography. Still, he discovered that people listened to him because people love stories. If you think about it, stories are why Disney is still making billions of dollars. 

Lister started BLNK back in 2018. He started the company because he realized that most businesses and individuals struggled to create good content. The company aims to help its clients make an impact. They do this by assisting brands in editing their videos at scale. They also help businesses break long-form content like podcasts and Zoom calls into micro-content for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. 

How BLNK helps Companies Create Content that Converts 

Most companies struggle with video content. Some of the reasons for this struggle is because some businesses are skeptical about the benefit of video. Other companies do not have the talent needed to create content that converts. Yet, there is sufficient research that proves video content is a powerful marketing tool. A study from Aberdeen Group, for instance, shows that marketers who use video content are growing their company’s revenue by 49% annually. If your company lacks a talented team to work on the content, then you can hire BLNK. 

BLNK helps companies in three major fronts. These fronts include establishing a connection with the target market in a bid to drive more business. Secondly, they help firms remain relevant to social media. Lastly, BLNK allows companies to generate inbound leads using quality video content. 

The communication landscape is shifting every single day. As such, BLNK helps personal brands share their stories with the modern world using modern communication. This modern means of communication is video content on social media. Not only do videos keep your audience engaged, but they also contribute to the purchasing decision-making process. Statistics indicate that 79% of people bought a piece of software or app after viewing a brand’s video. 

Lister’s Advice to Entrepreneurs 

Stress is an issue that is common among entrepreneurs. A Gallup Wellbeing Index showed that 45% of entrepreneurs admitted that they were stressed, compared to 42% of workers. Lister says that controlling your stress is something that one can learn and improve on. One way that he manages pressure is through meditation. Lister meditates once or twice a day. Another strategy that he leverages is going outside for walks or to enjoy nature. The two strategies help him calm down, release stress, gain control, and focus on his goals. 

Burnout is similar to stress. Lister manages to overcome burnout by taking time off once and listening to my body when it tells me to take a break. He advises other entrepreneurs and business leaders to listen to their bodies when they feel exhausted or worn out. 

The last piece of advice from this versatile entrepreneur is for you to avoid living in the box that society builds for you, or you make for yourself. Lister believes in Tom Bilyeu’s quote that states that “Human potential is nearly limitless.” He believes that people should strive to learn as much as possible so that they can break the boundaries they set up for themselves. Indeed, there is no doubt that Lister stands by this principle. Although he has helped hundreds of clients build their brand, he still strives to learn more about his craft. 


Are you struggling with video content? Kindly reach out to BLNK to take your business to the next level. 


US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events and TED circles online and helps train in public speaking. Mentored by Mark Cuban his eye for business and potential growth has been trained at a billionaire level. Instagram luisjorgerios

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