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How Anthony Paul Rich Is Helping People Achieve Freedom Through LegitFreedom

Anthony Paul Rich - Legit Freedom

Anthony Paul Rich is an online serial entrepreneur and the founder of LegitFreedom. For more than a decade of building several 7 figure companies and multiple inc 5000s fastest-growing companies, Rich is now working with upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them achieve freedom in life. Since the pandemic COVID has started, Rich has decided to teach others how to create passive wealth for pandemic-proof online businesses to provide them financial, physical, and emotional freedom.

So, buckle up as I chat with Anthony Paul Rich about his journey in entrepreneurship, online business, etc.


For our readers, please give us a brief introduction about you.

I own and operate Legit Freedom, an education company that provides people with the tools and resources to start online businesses and grow them. Before launching this venture, I have already experienced considerable success. I founded multiple seven-figure companies and raised them into companies that would make Inc 5000’s fastest-growing companies list.

Why did you decide to get into online business coaching, and teach people how to achieve freedom in life?

The Internet has provided many people the chance to make it big. The e-learning industry, for one, has become a gold mine for hustlers and entrepreneurs. As more and more people switch to learning through online sources like ebooks, courses, masterclasses, and community support groups, the demand for valuable material has increased with time. So, just to fill up this demand with as much ease as possible for the people, and driven by the entrepreneurship bug inside me, I started LegitFreedom.

What trends in online business or ‘Interpreneurship’ excite you?

We are finally in an age where we able to not just run a small 6 or 7 figures business virtually but can now build a multi-million dollar businesses 100% virtually. No main brick or mortar offices needed. An infrastructure completely untethered to a physical location with happy employees working wherever they want around the globe.

What were the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

I grew up “third-world country” dirt-poor in a village within the Philippines, and only came to the United States after a volcano erupted and destroyed our village. So I came to the US with no money, no education, and no idea what to do. My biggest challenge was getting over the “poor mindset” I grew up in, in order to build businesses that would not only change my life but the lives of many. I work on my mindset every single day to keep my energy and actions on only wealth, health, happiness, and legitimate freedom.

Who are your biggest influences and people you admire and why?

I was very fortunate to have many mentors in my life, but the greatest teacher I’ve ever had is Neville Goddard. Through his many books, I have found my inner strength to build and create anything I choose. He gave me the confidence to go from a dirt poor kid to a wealthy, healthy man who can build anything he chooses.

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

Raising my daughter well enough to have her unconditional love.

What advice would you give to fellow businesses that may be struggling during the COVID-19 hassle?

Adapted or die. I always say: In business, it’s not IF you’re going to get punched in the gut, its when. I am constantly getting punched in the gut every single day about something new, and I can either fold up and let it take me down, or harden up and figure out a way to make the impossible, possible. That’s literally the job of a leader: put out fires and make the impossible possible.

Do you think work-life balance is important when you are into online business and how difficult is it to main this balance?

I don’t believe in a “work-life” balance. I believe in priorities. If something is TRULY a priority in your life, you will effortlessly make time for it on a regular basis. For example, I don’t need to “balance” time with my daughter, I WANT to spend time with my daughter, she is one of my main priorities. So some that aren’t a priority, or a lower one, will never get in the way of taking a trip with her or having tea time with her invisible friends. The same goes for my fiancé, my family, my health, and my businesses. You have to write down all of your priorities and rank them from most important to least — and be honest with yourself. Then takes any other than the top 3-5 off the list, because it’s not really a “priority” after that, it’s a “to-do” or a goal, but not a priority. Then add those to your calendar accordingly. It’s that simple. If you LOVE doing business and that’s all you want to do and it makes you happy well that’s your priority and it’s your life! Your life and your work are the same, and there is nothing wrong with that if you truly love it! That’s why I don’t believe in work-life balance.

How can people follow your journey? What are the best ways to connect with you?

The best way to connect with me is on Instagram @anthonypaulrich or my website for free in-depth training on how to build your first online course

Thanks for joining us, Anthony. We wish for your ever-exponential success in life.


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