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How Alex McCurry Makes Startups Win!

Exposure: one of the most challenging things that startups face in this day and age. With the incredibly high levels of saturation that fill up our social media feeds and news cycles, it can be hard for emerging companies and products to stand out from the crowd. While plenty of startups devote massive amounts of time and effort into development and fundraising, garnering the necessary exposure to help a product take off can seem like an afterthought. Upon completion of development and allocation of a marketing budget, many startups are left scratching their heads when deciding how to best distribute their message out into the digital world. This is precisely where young entrepreneur Alex McCurry has managed to make a name for himself.

As an entrepreneur focused on digital brand building for startups, Alex McCurry has carved out a unique niche. With a background in social media, PR, and branding Alex has proven himself to be a powerful innovator and has built an impressive resume for himself. Born October 22, 2000, at just the young age of 19, Alex has built a PR/Branding firm worth over one million dollars and has worked with prominent celebrities, executives, influencers, brands, major corporations, and more.

His comprehensive media-centric approach to growth has resulted in huge increases in brand reputability and traction for his clients. He shared with us, “For me, the secret ingredient to the progression of any startup in today’s world is all centered around growth. With the way that startups are valued, a growth centric approach is the only one that makes sense in this sort of market.”

Alex’s uniquely catered approach to the development of digital brands is what has lent him such success – providing start-ups with the exposure they need to reach real consumers and spark a mass interest in their product or service while also increasing credibility and reputability for the brands he works with. This has allowed him to represent value to consumers, investors, and help distinguish brands from competitors all at once. He shared, “The reason I put myself out there as a brand-builder rather than a pure marketer is because I think building a brand is infinitely more valuable in the long term than simply advertising it. Modern consumers are smart, they want to identify with the brands they transact with, traditional ads don’t really cut it anymore.” 

While he currently services a plethora of high value personal brands, Alex has lent incredible value to the startup space through his forward-thinking solutions. The socially and culturally-forward strategies he uses to build brands have allowed him to rise to the forefront of his industry, quickly. He has said, “The cookie cutter approach is a broken one. It often leads to wasted money, time, and other resources. This is the reason I have such a distaste for the word ‘marketing’, most agencies live by the cookie cutter approach and it often does more harm than good. I try to provide value and quality-centric solutions that are unique to each brand, as it always delivers the best outcomes.”

As he continues to dominate the arena he has created, Alex may be faced with new copycat competition, or more traditional academics adopting his tactics. But with his unique approach to every project and ability to cater valuable solutions for his clients, he will likely not be going away anytime soon.


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