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Hip Hop Artist Zaro Vega Drops Banger On Valentines

This week Zaro Vega drops banger entitled ‘De Nada’ – which is a swagger-down-pat kind of track that’ll have you head bobbing and rapping along in no time. Needless to say, this is a favorite of ours thus far in 2020 for the genre, so get ready to smash that like button and add it to your favorite playlists to keep it in your audio rotation.

About The Song

Album art of flower and text stating de nada which means your welcome in Spanish
Album Art: Zaro Vega

Rather than try to explain the idea behind this song myself, we got a chance to hear the complete rundown with Zaro, who said, “…’De Nada’ was a rare moment for me, and definitely was initially inspired by fueled anger. As a producer, I get called into so many meetings out here in LA about working with someone who wants to start doing music, and that person usually doesn’t really have any other songs recorded, or maybe a couple here and there. The drive behind them wanting to do music is always the wrong reasons, and I can see right through their intentions with wanting just a quick come up by having a banger of some sort. And my innocent & humble character has always been tested with someone trying to finesse something out of me – in this case, it’s usually beats. And one week back in May, it was almost everyday in a meeting I just felt like people were trying to use me for their benefit and they couldn’t offer me anything but a promise that the song will blow up. No compensation, or even trading cause some of these people were big influencers so I definitely tried to at least get some sort of social media help, but I could just tell they were not about it. So it’s like, “we can’t do this one way, it don’t really work like that.”

Zaro Drops a Banger Hidden Messages

So then, this song came about – ‘De Nada’ translates to “You’re Welcome” in english which I’m just basically saying “You’ve been served.” Also just letting them know you should just stay in your lane and what you’re good at. Every song I had heard from these people had absolutely no substance and all the same plain stuff we hear (Sex, money, drugs) so, “If you’re meant to be a fish, why are you trying to speak? .. No one even hears you… You’re welcome, I just helped you realize you’re a fish” lol. That’s the idea behind it basically. I had made the rough skeleton of the beat the first day and started writing and got straight to recording before that energy had a moment to disappear. Then the production evolved and I added some minor beat switch ups towards the end.”

Keep Up With Zaro Vega

Lastly, if you’re diggin’ what Zaro Vega is up to – make sure you throw him a follow on his social media links and stay up to date with his work as it drops. We are going to be hearing more from him in the coming months and you’d be a total fool to miss out on any of it. We will update you next time Zaro Vega Drops a Banger

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