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Himani Vij: Transforming the lives of many through her expertise as a sales mentor, training sales professionals the right way for achieving success.

Vij displays her masterly abilities as a business coach and lays out the essential qualities of a good sales mentor.

Many different industries come with many different requirements. Some industries require people to work for them in a typical 9 to 5 job structure, while some other industries require people to lead a day full of travel, going from one place to another and be on their toes, these professionals are mostly from the sales and marketing background and live a hectic life shuffling between numerous meetings, calls, travel, etc. In such scenarios, it is common that many individuals lose focus and interest in their work and fail to prove their potential as a sales/marketing professional. This makes the need for sales mentors imperative as they are the ones who motivate and encourage them to continue on their path and progress each moment to achieve their goals and ultimately, success. One such leading name in the industry who has become a guiding light, mentor for thousands of such sales professionals is Himani Vij from Ludhiana, Punjab.

Himani Vij is not just a sales mentor, but a growing influencer as well. So far, she has trained more than 16K sales professionals and that speaks volumes about her expertise in the industry. Below she lists out certain qualities, she believes are essential in individuals wanting to pursue sales mentorship as a career.

• Demonstration of a positive attitude: A positive attitude goes a long way for any individual and a good sales mentor is the one who knows how to drive productivity from their mentees through influencing them the right way. Hence, Vij says that one must first exhibit a positive attitude to drive out the same in others.

• Must be willing to share knowledge and expertise: Only gaining knowledge and not sharing the same doesn’t help in carving out a fruitful journey for the mentees. Vij says that it is important for individuals to share expertise so that sales professionals get the right information, direction, and focus on excelling in their careers.

• Must take a personal interest in mentoring with full commitment: A good sales mentor is the one who personally takes an interest in guiding his/her mentees and invests time in taking out the best in them. Vij points out that this requires them to train them well with strengthening the sales professional’s beliefs, personal traits, etc.

Must be able to provide valuable feedback and mentorship  : Good sales mentors grow when they can identify a sales professional’s weaknesses and strengths and guide them accordingly to use the same in becoming successful. Hence, Vij explains that a good sales mentor must be willing to guide them and provide valuable feedback always.

Himani Vij’s expertise can be attributed to her rich experience of 7 years and working across several different industries like insurance, real estate, marketing, coaching, etc. She has successfully built a strong personal brand on social media with more than a million views. She already has a robust network of more than 150K as a sales and marketing mentor.

Vij has also delivered over 50 talks across various events which include JoshTalk. She has worked in the last few years with giants like Idea and Max Life Insurance to train and mentor their sales team.



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