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Hefna380, the young American pop star emerging as top young is artist.

Hefna380 most famously known for hit song “I Gotta Go”, now going global and breaking records. The young 19 year old celebrity artist is a high natural born talented artist from the US is on the rise. He is set to break many milestones, and with his recent news on his trip to India, the world wants to know more.

Known as the “Real Rockstar” in the USA pop star, “Hefna380” quickly emerging as a top young American artist known overseas, he is going global. Known for his tremendous melodies this singer has a lot to offer, and he is ready to work with the best of the best in India. His music is starting to be played every where in India, this is something that we have not seen before explaining the reason why hefna is breaking records while he’s so young.

Waiting for a small world tour, hefna380 going global is a big step in his career and he is using it to his advantage. Their has been talks about hefna making his way to India to meet up with a Bollywood star, ‘saqib Malik’ a well known digital marketing expert here in India, he’s worked with many celebs, and high end people at such a quick speed making him one of the top professionals in India. Hefna380 the American pop star is truly on the rise, breaking out through India, at 19 years old he is moving at a very rapid speed.

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